Who is Jenny Ye?

Well I am not Jenny YE - yet - bwaha surename is borrowed from my boyfriend because it's more international and I actually like it a lot. Try to say Jenny Pitkänen instead.
I'm young entrepreneur at www.avedia.net and studying Media and Arts at college. I'm a dreamer and childish but really smart and serious when needed. I'm huge Disney and nostalgic movie fan and one of my biggest dream is to do voice-over to Disney movie. I'm one step closer to this dream!!

About blog

I'm a cosmetic junkie but I hate spending money to bad and expensive products. I'm just a student whose cosmetic budget is not much. I want to try and test beauty products, share my HONEST and OWN opinion and of course telling if the product is worth of purchasing or for who it would suit the best. I'm saving your money and helping you to find right beauty tools ^_^ I'm also starting to add some lifestyle, outfits and bringing more myself into this blog. I don't want to be like all other beauty bloggers. This is my blog and this is the person of this blog.


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  1. Hi!
    I'm interested in knowing how you are closer to your dream of voice-overing a Disney movie? Good luck!


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