I'm pretty sure that no one is going to read this completely or be even interested what is going on. I never told you this but I'm sure you figured it out already, I did stop blogging. I loved this, enjoyed it until I just noticed this is not getting me anywhere anymore. I felt like I just spent more money even tho I couldn't afford something, I felt like my posts just were all the same and the motivation just started to drop. Blogging made me so materialistic and it ate time from pursuing my dream which is to make videos (since I study editing) and become a voice-actress. I stopped and started to take

This year has been CRAZY! One year ago I made my first YouTube video about Pokemon impressions. My passion and dream is to become a voice-actress and I love making weird voiced/impressions ever since I was a tiny kid. I made dubbing and impression videos to my Finnish YouTube channel so I could use the videos as a reference when I apply for a job to a dubbing studios. All suddenly I got subscribers even tho it was not my goal. The reason why I got subscribers so quickly is that no one else in Finland has done a video like this before. Now one year later I have +45K subscribers, I'm part of one of the biggest YouTube networks in Finland and I have met so many amazing new people. This is what I love to do. This is how I'm getting closer and closer of my dreams. This is the way I learn mostly (editing/voices) and this is how I feel like I'm most myself.

I don't have enough time to blog and make YouTube. I tried it so hard at the beginning but it was way too much of work. I did miss you guys. You still have sent me comments and they warm my heart when I read a comment like ''you are still on my bookmark. Waiting for you. Miss you, are you coming back?''. Unfortunately I am not coming back. This short post is going to be the last one. Omg. Writing this blog has been an amazing journey and I loved doing it... for a while. Now it's time to end this but this blog is always going to stay here. You can still read my old posts about the products.

Thank you all you amazing people that has been following me from the beginning. Thanks for all the support you gave me. Also I want to thank every company that sent me products for a review. Thank you all who were reading even a one post. Remember to do what you love no matter what it takes. We only live once, right?

If you are Finnish or just want to check out.. here is my YouTube channel to check out (http://www.youtube.com/jennysvoices) I wish you all the best and thank you <3


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  1. Congrats on your Youtube! You'll make it big, I believe in you <3

  2. Awe, Jenny! I remember when I first found your blog years ago. It'll be sad to not read your posts anymore, but I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on making your dream a reality! <3 Best of luck to your YouTube career (I'll be lurking)! <3

    1. And thank you for following my blog <3 this warms my heart! Thank you <3


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