Hello everyone,

I honestly have been missing you all so much. I don't even know if you even remember me. There are many reasons why I decided to take couple months brake from blogging. And I really mean a great brake. I haven't posted anything to my social media because I have had three things to focus on. My life has changed slightly which affected strongly on my blogging. There are three things that happened: Meet my puppy Kinder, voice-acting dream and school.

First and main reason for my brake was that I got a puppy. I will blog about golden tips of getting a puppy and puppy training. However I already want to say that getting a puppy is almost like having a toddler running around house. Puppy needs a full attention on the first month because it's the time when they learn the house rules and you are bonding with puppy during this time.
Meet my puppy Kinder (Instagram: @kinderthecorgi). Kinder is Welsch Corgi Pembroke and I got her when she was 8 weeks old. She was a tiny fur ball and now she is almost six months old teenager. Now that she is older I feel like I have more time to actually focus on other things in my life than just train a puppy. This breed of dog has to be well trained from the very beginning! You will see more pictures about her in the next post :)

Second thing was that I filmed a Pokemon impression video on summer. I started a Finnish YouTube channel where I actually just uploaded videos for myself. I upload videos about voice-acting and impressions. Now that Pokemon Go was released.. all suddenly 300 000 people has watched my video in Finland and everyone just got crazy. Now I have my small fan group here and I am still shocked that people actually reconize me on the street as a Pikachu girl.
However this video also made me feel down thanks to some people's comment. First I just laughed to most of the negative comments but when there comes like 50 comments saying ''u ugly hoe'' it started to eat me. Now I'm again laughing to those comments because I realised that most of them were 10-14yo kids lol

Now news and studios are asking could I work with them which is amazing huge step forward of my dream! I'm so thankful that I did the video.

Okay number three is my school life! Gosh this Autumn has been crazy and it's still crazy. We have seriously hundred things to do. I study Television and Film industry and my field is editing. Now that we are producing a TV-show to a Finnish channel, we have been busy filming all kinds of short movies etc. well my job as an editor is beginning and all suddenly BOOF our teacher got ''fired''. Now we don't have a teacher but we must finish all the tasks. So currently I'm just self educating myself and trying to get shit done before Christmas holiday. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH I AM STRESSED OUT.

Well school is school and I will manage to handle everything. Now I can come back with blogging, sounds good, eh? Well I have missed blogging a lot and I already feel so comfortable while writing this post. I have so many blog posts coming out!

Hope you have a great Sunday xoxoxo see you very soon!


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