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Looking for a cheap festival accessories and simple look ideas? Good falsies, metallic tattoos and headpiece DONE! I love this golden/silver kind of look which I'm about to share with you. This post is kindly sponsored by www.bornprettystore.com but remember everything that I write here is 100% my own experiences and opinions! Remember to use code: JennyT10 to get 10% off your order. I'm going to link everything down below for you. Remember that they provide a worldwide free shipping.

Who else loves metallic temporary tattoos!? I do! I picked this arrow, feather kind of set but there is plenty of other options to choose from. Currently these metallic tattoos are ON SALE just 1$/set. Metallic Temporary Tattoos looks great, these were super easy to apply on my skin and they didn't come off unless you scratch it a lot.

There was chain options that you can apply to you neck even! These tattoos comes off quite easily if you rub with a towel. Incase you don't remember/know how to apply temporary tattoo here is a quick guide: cut the tattoos you want to apply, place it to wanted spot and then press a wet tissue, towel etc. on it until it's soaked. Then simply lift it off and VOILA you have a beautiful tattoo. I personally though that these looks really pretty and the quality is good compared to its price!! Awesome. Not a waste of money and you can hoard these because you never know when you might need these haha~

Let's move on to eyelashes! This set of 5 pairs of lashes is just 3$ and look how beautiful they look! The string is really flexible and invisible so I think these will fit to any eye shape. However cut it shorter if needed. I didn't have to cut these lashes from the tip at all.

I love how volumizing, long and curled these are. Remember to curl your own lashes at put a small coat of mascara so your lashes will blend better with the fake ones.

I think these Handmade Soft Eyelashes are perfect for everyday look or even to a special occasions! I can barely feel these because these are so lightweight and the string part is so thin. I seriously have nothing bad to say about these lashes! You can even re-use these like three times depending how much glue you use. Well okay that could be one thing: these lashes does not come with a lash glue.

Born Pretty Store has many many many beautiful headpieces but since I wanted to make a low budget look I decided to pick this one! Shiny Hairchain  costs only 3,30$. The quality of this chain is okay but it might break easily if you pull it. However it is also really easy to fix haha. I think this hairpiece is perfect for this look but it also remind me about Arabic culture, fortune tellers etc. so you can make many different looks with this accessory !

Hope you liked this post and remember to use code JennyT10 to get 10% off when you place an order. Tell me, did you go to any summer festival this summer? 


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