NYX - Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette


I got my baby puppy two days ago and that's the reason why I haven't really been blogging. Now Kinder is sleeping so I have time to actually write haha~ I recently purchased this highlight palette and it was 15$ in sale. If you purchase this from NYX cosmetic's website it's currently 19$. I absolutely fell in love with the lavender highlight and I wish they had that alone instead of a palette.

If you live in Finland, Sweden or Denmark then you can purchase this palette from cocopanda.com (not sponsored) but this is also available to order from nyxcosmetics.com since they are shipping internationally.

It looks super pigmented, shimmery and everything so I was excited to try this out. I always apply my highlight after spraying setting spray. The highlight appears a lot better when you apply it to damp face. It also blends a lot better and it won't be cakey.

Here are the top 4 row shades. Two in the middle (pink shimmer and lavender) were more chalky but other shades are not. The lavender one especially is less shimmer and more powder than others. I was slightly disappointed to this since I love the idea about lavender highlight. All the top shades were highly pigmented and easy to blend.

On the bottom row these are my favorites especially light gold with peachy (ring finger) shade. They were even more pigmented and shimmery but they do not look like you have smashed some glitter all over your face. It stays on its place nicely and really highlights cheekbones. I like to apply a tiny bit of highlight to my temples too.

If you don't like really shimmery highlights then this palette might not be for you. However as I said it does not look like you have glitter all over your face.

I love strobing palette and especially the pigmentation. In these pictures I applied only one layer of highlight (golden shimmery). Top picture is after setting spray and this bottom picture before. As you can see the highlight appears a lot better when you apply it to a damp face.

+ Plenty of pretty shades
+ High pigmentation
+ Easy to blend
+ Not glitter looking
+ For all skin types and colors
+ 15-19$ quality and price okay

- Top 4 row shades are so small for a brush
- Lavender and cool pink chalky


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