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Here is a quick update and recipe I discovered and I want to share with you. My sweet tooth wanted something but I try to eat healthy. This recipe came across and I decided to modify it a little bit. You seriously need just 3 ingredients! Keep reading to find out how to make a delicious, healthy and easy pie.

 Three ingredients you are going to need are: oatmeal, berries (or apple) and butter (can be replaced with coconut oil). So there is no need for milk, eggs, flour what so ever. Just pour everything into a blender and that's it! You can add anything you want pretty much to this. I made a blueberry pie because I have tons of blueberries. I also made an apple pie with cinnamon and gosh it was so good!


- 3dl berries or 2 apples
- 3 spoon of butter or coconut oil
- 4dl oatmeal

Blend berries or apple, add melted butter and oatmeals. Blend everything together.

225 celcius 20-30 minutes


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  1. Oh my god, that sounds and looks so good! I can't believe I've never made a pie like that!

    Lona | lonajasmiin.com


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