Simple Everyday Makeup Look | for beginners


I was about to film a June favorites when I realized that all the products that I was about to use were part of my everyday makeup look. So I decided to film this really simple and quick tutorial that beginners with makeup might find useful. This look is more like a base makeup and natural looking and I love to take it to a next level with smoky eyeshadows and colorful lipsticks !



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  1. Hey! I'm brazilian girl, with 22 years old that see in cosmetics something to relax... maybe like you haha! I started this comment because I know how dificult is to cotinue a blog with not a lot of views... and, well, I find your blog and I loved it! So, I saw that this post have a 1 year, but... when you to think "oh, Shoud I come back to my blog?" remember that your blog stay in my bookmark bar! <3 Kiss!



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