This is my first Outfit Of The Day -post! I have talked about adding some lifestyle and my personal clothing style posts here for so long that I feel shame hahaha~ today I was teaching Zhou to use a camera so now I have someone to actually take the outfit pictures. Can I get three ''hurray''s for Zhou?? Anyway this will be my first one and there is plenty of different styles upcoming. I already have the full outfits hanging on my room waiting.

This outfit cost overall 30$ (hat, dress and shoes) and all of these were found on H&M's sale. Not bad RIGHT?

Ummm I'm not going to lie I felt uncomfortable about posing for a camera especially when it's a full outfit post and I think you can see it. Outfit posts are one of my new ways to start accepting my body and like it more rather than feel ashamed of it. I do have moments when I just don't want to go outside because I don't feel pretty enough.


Blue Hat - 5$

Dress: 10$

Shoes: 15$

I love the dress because you can wear it even on a windy day. It's not too short and you can wrap the sleeves up. However the buttons are opening a bit too easily hahah~

Thanks for checking and next outfit post will be coming real soon. BYE BYE!!


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  1. I love the overall look, especially the hat!
    You are looking gorgeous, Jenny ^^


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