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I purchased this travel size Honey Cera kit a while ago from beautynetkorea website. I was curious about this series so I decided to purchase the travel size/sample size kit so I won't waste possibly a to more money. The package has a toner, emulsion, cream and priming eye cream. All these products are for facial skincare obviously! The series has many other full sized products such as body cream, emulsion, shampoo etc. but I won't pay 20$ about each product to find out if those are good or not.

A nourishing and firming Emulsion that provides rich nutrition and strengthens the skin’s oil-moisture balance and highly nutritive multi-Toner that moistens rough and dry skin without any stickiness. Both of these smells great and they have a little bit of honey fragrance.
Emulsion I'm not sure if it really does anything. I haven't seen any huge change while using this product. I simply spread it all over my face and yeah haven't noticed a huge difference. 
Toner is moisturizing for sure and I feel like it makes my skin look brighter. I simply apply it to a cotton pad and tap all over my face. It's not sticky and it is moisturizing which is great!

A nourishing and firming Cream that provides dry skin with abundant nutrition and radiance. Now I think this product is just great for daily moisture and I was about to purchase the full sized one until I saw the price. It's 24$.. about moisturizer. I think I will stick with my garnier one that is only 5$ and works like a charm. But if you are a girl with bigger budget the absolutely go for this product! I'm sure you won't get disappointed ^_^

Honey Cera Priming Eye Serum is surprisingly good! But not affordable again. However you need just a tiny bit of the product like seriously tiiiiny amount. Just let it absorb for a moment and then you are ready to apply your eye makeup. It makes makeup look flawless obviously because it's moisturizing the skin around your eyes. The full sized product has a cooling tip that reduce swelling and eyebags if you have any.


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