Etude House - Drawing Eye Brow #3


Are you looking for a good eyebrow pen that is inexpensive? Then you should keep reading because I might have a just right product for you! I have just recently began to shape my eyebrows. My brows are naturally dark but they are completely different shape no matter how much I try to trim them to match. Easiest way is to just draw and shape them to look even a little bit similar.
Etude House - Drawing Eye Brow is only 3,60$ and I think this is amazing if you consider the price! The quality and the product itself is awesome.

I have the shade #3 which is dark brown/grayish which is perfect color for my brows! This pen has two sides: pen itself and a brush. I love the brush but also the pen. I don't like round tip like Anastasia brow pencil has because it turns flat eventually. This one saves its shape till the end. It's super affordable and there is many different shades where you can pick the best one for your brows.

Depends a lot about how much you need to fill your brows and so on but this pen has been lasting for three months already! And I do my makeup and brows pretty much every single day. You don't have to sharp the tip by yourself. It does not flatten out.

Basically what I like to do is to just brush my brows upwards and straighten the tail of my brows. My biggest difference of my brows are the arch. My left brow is more straight when my right brow is pointing more up. I have to even the left brow!

So I just gently draw the outlines of my brows and gently begin to fill them in. I fill the tail and the middle part but when I start to reach the front area of my brows I put less pressure on my pen. This is how you won't end up with square or semen brows XD

+ affordable
+ long lasting
+ easy to shape
+ pen shape is perfect
+ at least 5 color options
+ it has both brush and pen

- not for oily skin perhaps (maybe smudges)
- sometimes it seems to pull of some brows


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