I have to share this amazing story about my grand grand dad who I actually found from Facebook three weeks ago. I have never ever talked with him before or even meet him. I have always heard stories about my ''American grand grandpa'' John Appelroth. Three weeks ago only thing I knew was that he lived in America most of his life and now lives in Finland again. I found him FROM FACEBOOK and decided to contact him! We actually talked on phone over an hour and after that I was about to burst into tears. He worked at ABC for over 30 years and got nominated to Emmy awards twice. My grand grandpa is 88 years-old and using Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter hahahah so it's easy to keep in touch with him. I haven't met him face to face yet but I already feel that he is super important to me.

John if you are somehow reading this I really really hope it is okay to share this story and pictures you sent me ;) not gonna ask a permission because I know you love me anyway haha~

My grand grandpa John Appelroth was born in Finland/Tampere the city where I live now. He studied in Sweden and went to visit America for the first time. He told me that even though the weather was horrible - windy, cold and rainy - when their ship reached Manhattan harbor he already felt like home. This would be the country he wants to live. He started to chase his dream and went back to Sweden wait for his visa to arrive. It took two years until he got permission to move to America. He was struggling first choosing will he move to New York or California. He chose California and spent most of his life there.

When he was in America he met a guy who was ''collecting'' different dialects and languages. He had a collection of Native American dialects but got interested about Finnish. My grand grandpa got a job interview through this guy to a studio that started to train him to voice-recording and lighting. And I mean television studio. Before that he was actually interested about studio set ups but later on started to do lights to tv-serieses. He worked at ABC studio for about 30 years!!

So while he was working at ABC he told me that the company took great care of their employees. He became the light director and got nominated to Emmy Awards twice as a best lighting director from the tv-series called Nigh Court. During this 30 years there was no day when he wasn't happy to go to work. He loved his job from the bottom of his heart. So he got retired 1994 and moved back to Finland. These days he is playing golf, scrolls social media and visits California once a year with his wife.

He even met President Nixon and some actors during his job in ABC. 

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