I jsut realized I have quite many Tigi's hair products especially Bed Head series. I decided to make this post to share you my thoughts of these popular hair products! Couple of these are like ''mehhh'' not so good ones but some of these are like BOMB and slaying your hair! I unfortunately don't remember the prices ugh. Most of these were on sale anyway when I bought them. I will give you a guess how much these cost around okay? What I love most about TIGI products is their funny instructions on the back of bottles hahaha~ as they do say ''you need a bit sense of humor for using our products''.

I have used many many many TIGI's products like three different hair sprays and styling products and I love them. Now I happen to have just these products but let's find out what are worth of buying and what does not do what they claim.


TIGI Bed Head - Colour Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner 30$

Refresh and cleanses hair, removing build up to optimise color vibrancy. Smoothes and adds shine. Hair is more resistant to breaking during brushing which means fewer broken ends which can make color look dull and flat

Girl half of this claim is simply bull but half of it is true! It does smooth and add shine on your after washing and it smells HEAVENLY. It's like toffee candy gosh love it so much!! However it does not protect the hair color at all unless its brown or blonde or black. If you have a pastel or shock colored hair this is definitely not helping to keep it bright. Aaaaand about the ''fewer broken ends'' no way I brush my hair and I can see the broken ends flying around like the leaves in Pocahontas. However what I look for a shampoo is that it cleanses my hair and scalp and leaves my hair smooth and shiny. That is does perfectly. Also the bottles are huuuuge like massive so I think the price is quite okay in that case. And yes the smell. It forgives everything ahahah~

TIGI Pro Hairspray 10$ (bought on sale)

I am always looking for a hairspray that can hold my teased roots for a day. I have been using 4$ huge bottles hair spray from Kikkoman and I think it's still better than this ''professional'' hairspray. However this is not sticky and it does not dry my hair at all. It could hold the hair a bit longer especially if there is a windy day. It has an okay hold though and I do like it but I think I go for something cheaper and better next time. I do recommend this if you are not looking for too strong hold like if you are not teasing your hair. This is prefect to catch fly away hairs.

TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost Leave-In Conditioner 10$

    Lightly conditions & mends slip ends. Leaves hair smooth and healthy looking. Great for high textures hair or with split ends. Smoothes, seals and protects hair

I don't know about this products. I have forgot that I had this. I got this like many years ago and I checked that it still haven't expired. I started to use it and I feel like it does seal the ends of my hair for a momentarily but not permanently. I think Olaplaex is the only product that can actually repair broken hair and split ends. This is easy to apply and it's big bottle to my mind. It's also really really affordable and smells great. I think all Bed Head series products smells amazing!! I feel like this product hydrates the ends of my hair maybe more and keeps them less frizzy I guess. It does something for sure! But I think it does not repair the split ends. 

TIGI Bed Head After Party 15-20$

Silky, shiny, healthy looking hair. Smooth and soft. Lightweight and it's for any length or texture hair. Combats fly-aways

Now this is a tricky one. I think I would personally not purchase this again since it's kinda pricy one for me. It catches the fly-aways well but it does not do that much. The texture is kinda thick paste kind of and I'm always afraid that it's going to make my hair look dirty. I didn't see any huge change with my hair when I applied. I mean it didn't feel smoother or softer or even shiny.

TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray 10$

Leaves hair smooth, silky and shiny. Light, won't weigh down your hair. Good for any hair length or texture. Gives extreme gloss. Adds depth to highlights and color quick, even, all over shine

This is hands down my all time favorite hair product. I use it a lot these days! It does everything it claims especially adding shine! The shine is like from hair commercials and makes the hair looks so damn healthy. I love the smell, shine and how lightweight it is. It makes the even looking shine all over the hair and I think this is really affordable product. None of the hair oils can beat this one! HIGHLY RECOMMENDING.


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