''... but still I cannot see that the savage one is me. How can there be so much you don't know?'' yup listening colors of the wind (Pocahontas) while writing this ^_^ obviously I am going to blog about my April favorites of this year. There is going to be skincare and makeup! Some of these are Korean and some Finnish and some American brands. Hope you'll find something to try out too! Remember that I share my favorite products but also ''not to buy'' products on my Snapchat: yejennyblog <<<

I'm writing quite short info because I will write a whole reviews about some of these products. Just let me know on comments down below what you would like me to review.

LANEIGE - Water Sleeping Mask 2x sample size

Summmmer started in Finland a bit earlier than usually but I do have some serious trust issues when it comes to Finnish weather hahah~ however I stepped into sun out from darkness aaaand managed to burn my skin almost right away. My skin has some dry spots and especially at lip area. I started to use laneige's water sleeping mask and noticed a great difference in first week.

Step 1: After washing the face at night, apply toner and emulsion right before going to bed.

Step 2: Dispense an appropriate amount (2.5cm in diameter) and apply on the tip of the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin in dots; breathe in the scent for 3 seconds.
Step 3: Spread gently along the texture of your face using outward strokes.
Step 4: After the product is absorbed into skin, leave it on overnight without washing the face. (Wash the face the next morning.)
The product is really cooling, kinda gel like and spreads well, lightweight and it does not have too strong scent. My face feels soon moisturized on the next morning ^_^

TONYMOLY - Luminous Goddess Aura Perfume // Face Make-up mist (could the name be shorter please)

I just love everything to spray onto my face so that was one of the reasons I purchased this product. I really didn't need it or didn't even have expectations. I was just on some sort of shopping trans I guess? It was under 10$ so I was thinking it could be worth of trying and it waaaas yay.

So if the bottle stand up it looks like it's half empty hahah~ because the oil and product itself builds up into two layers. Just shake it before applying and spray before or after makeup. I didn't see it to hold makeup of anything but made my skin look glowy and luminous haha~ i really like the scent also! It makes the skin feel soft and hydrated. It also works as a primer ;)

LUMENE - Miracle Eyeliner

I got this from crazy sale day called ''Hullut päivät''. Usually I hate hate hate pencil/ink eyeliners because those are simply dry. I tried a tester version of this and it was promising. I think I paid like 7€ about this. Now I have been using this for three weeks I think and it's still quite pigmented! However I do not make any winged eyeliner with this. The tip of this product is dry so I use it sideways which makes applying liner super easy above the crease. Crease? I mean near my lashes you know goddammit my English is not with me today hahahah~

It's also quite waterproof but I don't know about oily lids. For me though this lasts a whole day easily and I don't have to re-apply it at all. It's also super pigmented so you don't have to build it up.

NYX - Matte Lip Cream // Lip Liner

Love the shade, quality, price and texture. I wrote a post about the NYX products so check it out.

ETUDE HOUSE - Drawing Eye Brow

Let me say this pen was so damn affordable that I almost feel like it was stealing hahaha~ I paid maybe 3$ about this on sale. The tip is flat which makes it easy to fill my brows and shape them. The other end has a brush which is quite nifty. This is not definetely that pigmented BUT it's only a good thing when it comes to eyebrow products. I rather build up the product than be cautious about too dark eyebrows. It's long lasting both ways: the pen itself and on your brows.

NYX - HD Concealer shade Fair

Yup also blogged about this at NYX post shortly so go check it out ;)


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  1. Lovely favorites <3 I really like that concealer from NYX, it's really good :-) x

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