KLAIRS - Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB) & Creamy/Natural Fit Conclear


Today's products are sponsored by www.wishtrend.com but everything that I write is 100% my own thoughts and experience about these two products. I've wanted to try Klairs BB cream for so long already so I was happy to actually receive this. They also sent me this concealer so I hope we'll get a full coverage!
They are actually selling these two products as one set and it's now only 35$ together. If you order +99 worth of products remember to use code: KLAIRSGENTLEOIL to get one free Klairs Cleansing Oil which I did review and it is AMAZING. You also get -10% OFF when your order amount is +50$ by adding code: WISHMAY16

Upper one is the BB cream and under that is the concealer. I noticed that the concealer was darker than the BB cream. The concealer matched perfectly to my hand's shade but my face is a lot lighter. BB cream matches my face shade perfectly haha~

BB CREAM: It's slightly thicker than many other BB creams I have tried but once you start to apply it onto your face it glides effortless. ''You look so wonderful just the way you are. Be natural, Klairs'' is just a little ironic because you are still supposed to cover your face with this BB cream. However I know what they mean by that. The finished look is so natural!

CONCEALER: This is seriously so creamy that I feel like I just want to apply more and more haha~ it's not too lightweight but not thick either. It's creamy! You know what I mean? I also like how you can layer this without making it to look too cakey.

I love how natural looking finish it has. It also does not crease as much as my other concealers and that is a huge problem for me. I have double or even triple eyelids so obviously my eyelids creases easily. However this did not crease that much even though I did not use primer. It didn't cover the red dot under my nose completely. I still saw slightly pink under it. However it covered my red corners of eye and dark circles perfectly. 

It completely covered the redness and dark circles on my eyes with just one layer. I simply dotted the product under my eye and patted with finger. You can also use this around your nose!I love how hydrating and slightly glowy my skin looks around my eyes. It even covered some of my freckles !! And it's just 14$ with this great quality. How crazy is that hahah~ I even made a sweat test and it did stay on quite well.

This was award winning product 2015 AND NO WONDER! This BB cream is simply amazing and worth of hype. I'm always looking for a foundation/bb cream that has a great coverage, not cakey, great for dry and sensitive skin, powerless finish and dewy look. I don't like matte skin at all so I want some natural looking glow. HOLY CRAP this product does this all!!! I know I always say ''this is my new number one product'' but girls we have a winner right here. I'm throwing away all my damn foundations that I have been using hahahaha~

With just one layer this looks amazing. It covered my red cheeks completely and it's pretty much poreless. It has this natural looking amazing glow. The application and packaging is just amazing and it's a lot easier to use right amount of product. I think foundations/bb creams with a pump runs out more quickly and it's hard to tell when the product is about to run out.

1) Natural, translucent finish
The Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream revolutionized the grayscale shade of many Korean BB creams. It doesn’t thickly cover the skin for the natural, lively skin tone look. Depending on skin type and personal preference, can be mixed with matte foundation. 

2) Complete hydration even for dry, sensitive skin
As an hydration cream, it applies closely even to dry, sensitive skin and adds healthy shine to make the skin lively and youthful. With a mild, hypoallergenic formula, it’s safe to use on sensitive skin as well. 

3) Multiple applications without the clumping
The Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is made with Klair’s special formula for effective coverage of pores and redness. Multiple applications for additional coverage is possible without the clumping or heaviness for a natural finish.


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