ETUDE HOUSE Silk Scarf Damage Hair Pack + Serum // BEFORE & AFTER


Yes this week's theme is hair products! Yaaaaay~ I found this hair pack when I was cleaning my bathroom. I found bunch of other products too haha~ I felt like Christmas arrived early. But I have started to take care of my hair more after I had to color it all over again and again to lavender. I got sick of that and went back to brunette. Now that my hair is darker you can see when it's dry easier. Etude House has different kind of packs such as Avocado, Jojoba, Camilia etc. and all of them are suppose to work differently.

I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best with this product. My goal was to get less dry looking ends and get more shine. Are you ready because I AM! I added some dramatic presets to these pictures so you can see every damn broken and dry af hair haha~ let's not escape from the reality.

Step 01. Intense Nourishment Richly nourishing Argan Seed extract intensely nourishes hair by providing instant moisture and supplementing fiber to damaged hair.
Step 02. Detailed Coating Thoroughly coating Argan Seed extract softens hair by forming a powerful moisture barrier and providing fiber to protect hair.

My hair is crusty looking and broken split ends are sticking out pointing everywhere. Actually this pic is not even that bad as it was in reality haha~ but this pack has two steps that we are going to walk through together, okay?

I washed my hair with shampoo and towel dried it for a while before applying this Step 1 product. I simply squeezed everything out and started to brush it through with my fingers first to the ends of my hair and last near the roots. I let it to be on my hair for 20 minutes before washing it off. Now I didn't shampoo my hair.

Hair pack was easy to apply and I liked the smell a lot. Yes I always like to smells everything. I think the smell of hair product is important because your hair will smell the same later on. I don't want to apply bad smiling product onto my hair!

It says that apply this serum to wet or dry hair. I had a damp hair and I started to apply it little but only because you are suppose to leave this on. I did read some reviews that it makes the hair look dirty and oily if you apply it too much so I was one step ahead haha~ The texture of serum should be lighter.. almost watery but this was quite thick so I had to add it carefully. Later I blow dried my hair and the result was a lot better after first use!!

My ends look a lot healthier and less dry! My hair is also really shiny and it's easy to brush. It didn't make my hair as flat as conditioner can make even though I applied this near to my roots. Overall I really like this product and it has the great smell afterwards. The price is only 1,20$ on Etude House website but these are sold out all the time! I'm sure you can find these on eBay from trustful seller to BeautyNetKorea website. I want to try Avocado one next since it's most recommended.


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  1. Thanks for the review!! I have tried an Etude House hair product before, and honestly I don't think it did much. This one does seem better though~


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