I have issues when it comes to saving money. Serious issues that it feels even awkward to talk about sometimes. But this is an issue that I have to think for a moment. Whenever I get ''extra'' money I feel like I have to spend it right away like RIGHT IN THAT SECOND. And things where I spend this money is clothes and cosmetics because I feel like I have to blog about something. How sad is that or is it?

I feel like I have been buying really un-necessary things lately because other bloggers has those or I feel like I have to blog about something. Of course I loooove makeup, cosmetics and clothes and I buy those anyway. I want to test out products and share my thoughts for you. However sometimes I want to buy something just to make a blog post about something really popular product. I can't explain why?

So yes I definitely feel like blogging and social media has made me spend money more and more. I just fall in love to a picture about a some product, the packaging is cute or the item is just so cool. I want to buy it but I don't need it. 

Or wait, does it? Maybe I use blogging as an excuse to purchase something. I have noticed that I scroll down an Etude House website thinking ''I'm going to buy this cushion and review it in my blog'' then purchase it, wear it everyday but never blog about it hahah~ gosh.

I don't blame blogging or social media only. I only have to blame myself and that I have a poor self control. I have to grow up and start saving for future! I want a better apartment, I want a car in future and study without graduating with a huge loan in my pocket. I have to start blogging about other things than just make reviews like I always wanted to!

How about you? Do you feel like you have become a cosmetic hoarder through blogging hahah~ or am I the only one here?


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