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NYX has finally arrived to Finland and yesterday they had their grand opening. First ones got free makeup back and yes I was 6th on a line waiting 45min. that they open and I got my bag hahaha~ I bought two lip creams and NYX Contour kit! They were really affordable to my mind and I was surprised because I was prepared that they are selling those more expensive well because... this is Finland and everything is so expensive hahaha~ However one matte lipstick/cream was only 8,50€ which is about 10$. I want to say already that the quality is amazing and the price is cheap.

I chose these shades: Cannes & Milan. I was thinking to get something pretty light pink to match my hair but also something nude/brownish color since I have that on my hair too. Something really light, simple and pretty for spring you know. I love love love dark colors but I just bought few from another brand.

NYX has many different lip products but Matte and Cream sounds perfect together. I was thinking that it would not dry my lips and it would be easy to apply. I was so right! These are so creamy and it takes a moment to dry and turn into matte which was amazing.

I also noticed that these lipsticks are not tested with animals!

So first we have the shade Milan which is pretty pink color. In this picture the color looks more light than it is in real life. However the cream still turns to be darker on your lips than in the bottle. You also should not try products to your hand since the shade is going to change a bit anyway. But I know no one wants to try tester products on their lips at store ugh. Disgusting. Imagine someone with lip herpes testing out products and then you go test the same one.

So it takes like couple minutes until the lips are matte and completely dry. Then I promise you that the lipstick is staying on your lips quite long! If you drink something it's going to leave stains because your lips become slightly wet. How about kissing? Yes this is not going to stain your bf's lips unless you guys are like liking each others haha~

The next shade is: Cannes which is one of my current favorites! The color is adorable and really pretty. This would suit anyone no matter of you hair color or eyes what so ever. The product it self is really close to the color as the bottle is actually unlike Milan one. It's like mix of coral, peach, brown... perfect for spring AND autumn hahah~

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  1. Thanks for this post! I only own one of NYX's soft matte lip creams, and it's from their darker line. I really liked the shade cannes as well :> Your post makes me want to buy from NYX again!
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  2. Both these colours look great! I love a good matte lip product, so thank you for the review!

    Belle in Black and White

  3. You look so beautiful wearing both of them 😄 my fave is Addis Ababa 😍

    1. Yesterday I got a new shade: Abu Dhabi (brown/nude) and I looove it so much!

  4. The color is so pretty! Especially the Cannes one!



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