NYX cosmetics arrived to my hometown and I went a bit crazy there. I go to buy new lipsticks and concealers etc. all the time since these products are not spoiled with price. The quality of most of their products are just amazing! Let me share my NYX haul which is actually growing all the time. I think next I will purchase couple eyeshadows and setting spray.

1. NYX - Powder Contour Kit 30$

This contour kit has a highlighter, couple setting powders and plenty of dark contouring tones. I think that you can actually purchase one shade of this palette when you run out of it and then attach it again. You don't have to buy a whole new palette all over again! I use the highlighter and two on middle down row for countouring. 

2. NYX - Soft Matte Lip Cream 8,50$

My current favorite is Abu Dhabi shade which is sold out aaaaaaall the time. I managed to grab one haha~ I also have the shades Cannes and Milan which I already wrote a review about: NYX Matte Soft Lip Cream Review < read more info!

3. NYX - Lip Liner 7$

I bought this to shape my lips. My lips does not have too visible lines. Those are like straight and seems to blend with my skin. I want to create smooth line just to shape my lips and making those more feminine. This one matches well with both Cannes and Abu Dhabi. It's really creamy and almost longer lasting than actual lipstick!

4. NYX - HD Concealer Shade Fair 8$

I needed royally fair shade of concealer so it would also highlight my face better. I have tons of concealers but those are just way too heavy and those breaks out during the day. I have laughter wrinkles already and my eyes creases easily. This concealer is just the shade I was looking for and it covers nicely but not completely. It's longer lasting than many other concealers I have used.

5. NYX - Liquid Illuminatior 8$

OMG this liquid highlighter is just amazing!! It's sooooo glowy that you can seriously make others blind with this. I use just tiny amount of this under thin layer of foundation since it's super damn glowy. I love it so much since it makes my skin look radiant and healthy and not greasy!


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  1. I went kind of insane too, when NYX reached the UK. I picked up the contour palette and a few of their lip creams. So far, loving everything. I also really want to try their matte liquid eyeliner, so many famous muas rave about it! Great post, I think I want to try the HD concealer and liquid illuminator next, they sound great x

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