M.A.C Matte Lipstick - Men Love Mystery ++ NEW HAIR


My mother-in-law is visiting us so I haven't been blogging lately. But also I was preparing for my hair transformation so the roots and the color was horrible hahahah~ Now I'm a fluffy unicorn cotton candy child ready for spring to arrive! Because of that I needed a lipstick to match my hair so I went to MAC cosmetics to purchase one.

This lipstick is more pricy one. One lipstick is around 20$ which is enough for me hahah~ it stings a but to purchase one. There was so many different shades and I was thinking do I want a matte lipstick or a bit more glossy or wtf? I decided to take matte color and PURPLE one. The shade is ''Men Love Mystery'' and the sales lady said it would look super great with my hair. I didn't test it to my lips but it looked really good on my hand.

As you can see it's completely matte. However it runs smoothly onto the lips and it's not patchy at all. It's like thick cream! This lipstick stays mmm slightly longer than those moist ... yes I said it... moist lipsticks but I still had to add this couple times during the day. Especially after eating but I'm always liking and biting my lips so that's why my lipstick always fades away quickly. The color turned to be really pigmented and actually lighter on my lips than my hand! Iiiiii personally scared it first and I felt like it made my teeth look more yellow. Blue color is also something that makes the teeth look more yellow than they really are.

This was a super duper short review since I seriously don't have much to say about this lipstick. I definitely love the matte one a loooot but it still could be like 15$ or something. I love how easy it is to apply, soo many shade options, stays quite long compared to many other lipsticks, not too dry or patchy! One negative thing is this shade that I choose and it's something I have to blame myself haha~


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