Ettang Chlorella Peel Off // WENT WRONG


I didn't catch a picture about my burnt face after this but you can check it from the video which is down below. Yes I can already say that I do not recommend this mask for those who has sensitive skin like I do. I found that I had ettang's Chlorella mask which is suppose to purify the skin, make it brighter and even help with acne. This is a peel off mask so it's suppose to come off in one piece.
One of these take away make cups cost around 4$ and there is many other options too.

There is like peppermint, yogurt etc. different masks available and I got this Chlorella one. Chlorella is such a huge health/food trend in Finland but haven't heard it to be as a mask yet. I had really high hopes about this product after scrolling around internet reading other people reviews. Everyone seems to love this mask and I started to wonder did I do something wrong, are others lying if they got sponsored one or is it because of my sensitive skin.

Basically what you have to do is to add half powder and half water and mix it together. I removed had of the powder to save it for later. You don't need a whole package for one mask. If the mask turns white at some parts it means you putted too thin layer and it is not going to come off in one piece then. I didn't get rid of the lumps of powder and I sure did not want to use any kitchen machine for this. I wasn't sure is it okay to have those or not but I putted it onto my face anyway and those really didn't have any impact on ending result. So the texture does not have to be smooth.

I recommend you to use your fingers instead of spatula because it really did take forever and it was messy. Leave the mask to dry for around 20min. or even more depends how thick layer you putted. When you touch and no product comes off from you face and it feels a bit hard to talk then you are ready to peel the mask off. I didn't get it in one piece so it was really unsatisfying feeling and started to be really annoying because I only got small sections. I decided to rub product off with towel.


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