Hundreds of you have been following my blog more than two years. Thank you so much for being part of this family. Most of you might know that I'm a bachelor of Movies and Film which basically means editing movies, documentary films and tv series. Also videographying, producing, recording and so on. Everything that making a movie needs. So making videos and becoming better at it is one of my goals and passion.

I see comments and people saying ''who blogs anymore?'' and you know what... there is plenty of frigging reasons why people are still blogging. Let me share my personal thoughts about both of these fields and some comparison.

This was one stupid question that I actually heard someone asking. Who blogs anymore when there is Youtube? This is almost the same as if you would ask ''why do you take pictures if you can take videos?''. Both have pros and cons and it really depends what you want to share and achieve and how quickly. Ask these questions if you are thinking about starting blogging or vlogging. I personally have started to do both but I know it takes more time and effort but this is my choice that I made. This is also a good moment to share what I have noticed from doing both.


People still love reading! I personally love reading product reviews and lifestyle blogs. I know they have putted so much time and effort to write their personal post and I enjoy reading it everywhere I want. You can't watch Youtube videos wherever you want. You can read blogposts quietly without disturbing other people around you. Blogpost is also something you can simply screenshot and save for later if you want!

Now writing is maybe a better way to tell everything that is on your mind. When you make videos you have to cut so many things away at editing table because you can't just erase your speech other way. Many people love writing and it can be the best way for them to express themselves. You can just save the text and continue or add something more later. You will also give more detailed information by writing because you have more time to think what you want to say and how.

I simply love scrolling beautiful pictures all over again. That's one of the reasons why I'm so addicted to Instagram these days. It's also a talent to be able to show exactly what you want by single picture. Product reviews might be more struggles with pictures since many people believe they are photo manipulated. This is actually one con about blogging. You can erase the mistakes on pictures and enhance features giving followers wrong kind of image of yourself.
Taking pictures takes lots of time and effort and practicing. If you live in Northern countries you know that the winter is the pain in the ass for bloggers. You end up using lots of money to camera lenses, lights and editing programs.

Person behind:
Blogging is a great for those who are not too comfortable talking to a camera. If you wish to keep lower profile and some distance between you and followers then blogging is definitely more for you. By blogging it's harder to bring and show your personality to the other people behind the screen. This is something I personally noticed. I haven't been able to give full image about real me to my followers just by writing a blog post. By blogging people know a lot about your stories and they know as much as you write.

Bloggers are more active updating than youtubers. Simply because you can basically blog anywhere you want as long as you have a laptop, tablet or phone with you. You don't have to mess around with a video camera and great background etc.


By making videos you give a stronger image about yourself to your subscribers. I noticed this right away when I started making videos! I could show real me a lot more easier but it depends about youtuber how much they want to edit off there videos. I personally don't mind if there is some crazy things. They are part of me and I'm not afraid to show it. However if you want to give more enhanced image about yourself you can stick with blogging or focus more on editing videos.

Some people love to talk more than write. I blog and vlog in English so my vocabulary is limited. Making videos makes me a bit more insecure because I can't correct my grammar afterwards. There is no real life autocorrect!! Youtube videos are perfect if you feel like you give more and clear information by talking rather than writing. Subscribers can also focus just on listening if they want.

Time and effort:
When you make youtube videos you need lots of time to create one video. Okay it depends a lot about person like for some people it can take easily a whole day to edit one video when it takes less than hour from me. You also have to research royalty free music to your videos if you want to make any money with those. You have to download the video to youtube which can take forever sometimes. Moving and setting the camera from place to place is a real struggle sometimes. But all that struggle can usually be worth it. Really good video makes you want to watch it again!

Youtube is easier way to make money. You simply monetize your videos and ad appears to your video. In blog no one wants to click each others affiliate links and many has google's ad blog. In youtube in order to watch the video you have to deal with the ads which makes earning some pocket money easier.

There is no winner when it comes to Youtubers and Bloggers. There should not be such a question as ''who blogs anymore?''. These options depends a lot about the person what they want to achieve, show and create. I personally like doing both. Writing this post was so refreshing after dealing with many video projects. These are my personal discovers and thoughts!!

How about you? Do you have any opinion which one you prefer more?

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Hi Jenny, I really like this post. Hope you don't mind that I share this post on my Facebook page ^^

    1. Awesome ^_^ ! great you like it and have same thoughts.

  2. Hi Jenny :)
    I love both, but I think blogging makes me more comfortable than when I talk to camera. I can write everytime, maybe in bad mood too.
    Because, in real world I'm not the one who like much talking when I get bad mood.
    So talk to the camera or be a Youtuber need more time and good mood, because its can control my self xD.

    1. Exaclty! I personally do both but have noticed exactly the same thing as you. It's hard to make videos if you don't have that good mood and no one wants to watch bad mood videos. You pointed out another good point why we are still blogging instead of youtube :)

  3. totally agree with you! Me my self, i'm more a blogger girl, because i love to write and it's easier for me to express my self via writing than talking in front of the camera, but i do want to become a vlogger too if i have more time hehehe..i really love this post, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Cheers! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your comment! :)

  4. Hi Jenny, so well said!
    So far I enjoy both but I agree making videos take more effort and dedication, and since English isn't my first language, I often feel secure about my pronounce and accent ^^; but I will keep blogging because I love sharing my thoughts. Like you said, not everyone have time to watch Youtube, but everyone can still read and screen shot blogs secretly :D

    1. I feel you! English is not my first language either so taking videos is sometimes a real struggle when I try to think of some word :D


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