[Review] Urban Decay - Naked Skin Foundation SHADE NO. 2.0


Finally I decided to buy this Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation which I have been looking for a long time already. I have tried MAC's foundations and there is one thing about those that I don't like and it's that those are too matte. I hate matte foundations so much because dry skin will look so caky and patchy. Naked Skin should be weightless and really liquid kind of foundation with demi-matte finish and that's what I'm looking for.

My tip: when you are going to buy a foundation from another brand for the first time ask help from professional at the shop. They help you to find the right shade for your skin tone. Lady at the shop took a look of my skin and said that I have yellow tone skin. She also said that it covers the redness on my cheeks. So there are foundations not only from dark to pale but also yellow, grey and red tones to cold and warm. She was thinking am I more shade 2 or 5. She tested the shade no. 2 and it was already perfect. I don't even have to blend the foundation down my neck.

This foundation costs 35$ which is still a price I can pay about good foundation as long as I don't have to buy it every single month. I'm going to update here when this is going run out. I hope that it's going to last for at least couple months!! If you watch the video down below you can see that it blends out so effortlessly, evenly and you just need one pump (size of a bean) to cover redness. I was so surprised how much it covered with one layer!

I had to snap this picture really quickly because it's so runny! This amount of product was enough to cover my cheeks completely. It's not heavy and not too matte. It's definitely demi-matte and it has medium coverage to full. I think it does not break out too easily during the day but now that I'm thinking I have always added Urban Decay's MakeUp setting spray so I'm not so sure how long this actually stays on the skin. Sorry. However the setting spray is awesome and I'm going to share it also here soon.

I really don't have to blend it down to my neck to match. It looks perfect in any light and this picture is actually taken front of window which is the daylight. Don't get confused about that shadow my skin makes haha~ So even though I took the Shade No. 2.0 which is yellow tone.. it does not make my skin look yellow! My skin looks naked even if it has foundation hahah~ get it?

+ matching shade
+ weightless
+ demi-matte
+ medium to full coverage
+ dewy and bright skin
+ long lasting (?)
+ great for any skin type
+ many shade options: red, yellow. grey, cold, warm...

- smells like spray paint slightly
- kinda expensive (?)

Just to notify. All these reviews that I write has 110% based on my opinion. No one can buy my opinion about any product and I won't recommend shitty cosmetics on my blog. Note also. These are based on my personal experience. If product works perfect on me it does not mean it works perfectly on everyone.


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