I'm finally back with blogging after two weeks of brake because my mother-in-law was visiting so I didn't want to confuse her with all videos and photo shootings. But I'm back with this alter ego makeup look which was fully inspired by this mint silver green wig from This wig represents one of my alter ego looks so perfectly. It actually reminds me a bit about the White Queen on Alice in Wonderland hahaha~ so this wig was only 13$ now on sale. The real price is still affordable and it's 26$ ^_^ Wig-A-Holics has so many great looking wigs that I had a hard time to pic just one! I have never purchased anything from them before so it's obviously better to start by one wig and then order more if the quality is good.

My package was wrapped nicely to bubble wrap and I was expecting to get just the wig BUT there was also a wig stand shape of head, hair/wig net, brush and some bobby pins! It's like all you need for wearing a wig ^_^ The wig wasn't tangled or anything so I just took it out from the package and could wear it right away. 

So the wig is basically silver color but in some lighting it's more mint green. On their website there is a good picture where it look like both so it's actually a two-toned wig.  You can check it from >>here<<. The wig is lightweight even though it's 55cm long. I have tried many wigs which are really heavy and warm while wearing but this one stayed on really well. However the hairs easily came front of my eyes hahaha but this always depends about the wig's shape and modeling.


Overall I like this wig A LOT. This kind of color gives me mix feelings because I don't know if it looks good on me or not. However I think it looks okay with this kind of dark makeup and beanie. I could also imagine someone doing an Alice in Wonderland cosplay, fairy makeup and things like that. I'm definitely going to purchase more wigs from  because they have so many different colored and length of wigs with affordable price and great quality. I truly recommend this shop if you want to find a shop for cosplay ^_^

What do you think about my Alter Ego look?


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  1. I think this wig looks super cute on you! really suits you well + with your make up and changes your look a lot! :D may have to purchase a wig from them! hehe!


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