MY SHAME. MY STRUGGLE. Smooth foot INSTANTLY // super dry feet pictures!


This spinner is actually from Tokmanni [Finnish know this store] but I know that there is lots and lots of similar products available so why not to test this out and share it with everyone. This one is just 10$/€ and if we compare to Scholl spinner which is 30$ this works as well as the expensive ones. I actually got this as a Christmas gift hahahah because my mom knows that I have super dry skin and during the winter my feet are problematic. It doesn't matter what I do they always get dry in couple weeks. My feet are also cold all the time so the blog circulation is not good which explains the dryness also.

So this one need 2x AA batteries to work so you don't have to charge it. The package also comes with one replace spin but one actually lasts quite long. However my feet are really really dry and the skin is thick so I believe these would last longer if you have just a but of dryness.

TAN TAN TAAAAAA not too close up pictures because my feet_are_horrible. Were. They were cold and looked like zombie legs, right? No color and looking so dead. I just need the tag on my toe so I would look like a corpse on a movie. My feet gets dry mostly from heel and sides. At the end of Autumn/starts of winter when it's raining and snowing.. made my feet dry and they start to crack at some point which is so painful! I hate the sound when I put socks on. You can hear the sock rubbing against the dead skin. Brrrhhhgghh.. I feel so embarrassed to take the socks off even with my boyfriend. In summer lucky I don't have this problem.

Do not hold it at one spot for long!! It starts to burn hahahah I mean the skin. Otherwise it doesn't hurt at all but if you keep it at one spot and it's spinning and spinning then obviously the stone against the skin starts to burn. This is messy because the dead skin flies away as you can see. It turn into a dust. Lots of dust so I don't recommend you to do this on bed and sofa what so ever.

You can do this to dry feet or soak them in water. I tried this in shower and I felt like it was a lot harder for the spinner to get the skin off. The dead skin came off way more easier when I had dry feet. These pictures are from the same day after one time use!

As you can see the results are amazing!!! This is right after in same evening!!
I jsut washed my feet afterwards and putted normal lotion and this is the result. This is my new holy grail item ^_^ more expensive product does not mean the better product. And this is a great proof about that!


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  1. Did you had any blisters? I have blisters from wearing heels you know not the hurting kind but the stubborn thick skin kind of blisters. So I was considering buying one of these but I am not sure would that work on them too?

    1. Okay so it's a thick skin. If it's rough on surface then this one helps to make it smooth. I think this can't remove all the thick layer of skin so I recommend you to buy a foot mask that removes all the skin in one week replacing it ^_^ there is one from holika holika 5$ which I recommend you to try! Also focus on what kind of shoes are you wearing. The thick layer on skin can also be because of overweight, diabetes or bad shoes.


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