I have an extreme dry skin during the winter as I have mentioned like 1000 times in this blog already. I decided to make this short post and video about my current favorites for both face and body! All these five products are purchased by myself and the all cost under 15$ so if you have a tight budget then go ahead and read more or watch the video down below. You can go and subscribe my Youtube channel from since I have started to move more into there but don't worry I'm NOT leaving you guys here alone ^_^ !! I will still keep blogging but always adding a new video if I have done some.

Not sure about the real name of this product anymore. Something like My Scheming Carbon Blackhead set. I removed all my whiteheads so so so easily but didn't really take my stubborn blackheads away. However it took all the dirt off my boyfriend's nose so this actually works really well if you have big pores because they open more than mine. I highly recommend you to see other's videos about this product because it really does work like a charm.

The Body Shop - Strawberry Body Butter. I love this scent so much! It's like a sweet marshmallow strawberry and it's really moisturizing. There was also other great options like chocolate, peach, blueberry and so on. If something smells good then I will purchase it without hesitation! This one is only available from stores.. I don't think body shop has an online store? Correct me if I'm wrong ^_^

Birds' nest moisture locking mask sheet set. I purchased this while I was in China from store called Watsons. These sheets are transparent and lightweight. Each mask sheet package has this rip-off moisturizing cream that you apply all over your face after the mask has absorbed. One of my holy grail mask sheets EVER.

Innisfree - Green Tea Mineral Mist (toner). I wrote a review about this a time ago so go ahead and check it out ^

My one and only truly working great smelling and affordable moisturizer ever! I have been using this at least two years every winter and I don't think I could find any better product to replace this. Ever.

More details about each products are in this video since I run out of time writing here. Hope to hear from you soon all!



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  1. busy, busy girl! you have both a channel and a blog! Crazy! LOL i did that in the past but got so overwhelmed that i ended up quitting both. now I'm just blogging but only once a month due to some personal issues. anyways enough rambling on about me....hahaha. going to check out your channel now!

    The Brown Eyed Fox

    1. I actually study tv & film making so I love taking videos ^_^ it also doesn't take that much time to film a video and quickly take pictures at the same time you take thumbnail pic. I hope I can manage this but I'm sure I won't stop blogging or Youtube ^_^ hope you have a good day!

  2. I also have extremely dry skin in the winter( I now use korean skincare but I used Garnier before and I think Garnier produce really good skincare)And if I have allergy or delivery of korean goods takes to much time, I always go and buy Garnier)


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