[Missha] Signature Radiance Two-way Pact SPF 27 PA++


Okay I have one new favorite powder BUT there is an issue with it. This product is suppose to give the moisturized look. Hey it's a powder how that would be possible? It didn't give the moisturized look let me say it right away but I love how flawless and not caky my skin looks! Usually I hate when the product is nothing like its telling to be but this is different hahah~ great way to start 2016 right?
So this Missha Radiance Two-Way Pact is from stylekorean.com and now only 15.26$ and available in two different shades. Click the link to see and no it's not an affiliate link okay ^_^

I really like the golden package. This powder comes with a sponge but I lost it which is awkward haha~ I have been using this powder for couple months already so that's why the packaging might look messy and there is no sponge on pictures. However I prefer adding this with fluffy brush anyway.

"It makes your skin look moisturized and radiant with powder enriched with Mineral and botanical Collagen while providing abundant moisture and nutrients. This pact powder contains Micro bead powder that creates flawless skin with its powerful covering & wearing benefits, leaving soft feeling. Also it contains Astazanthin and Polylift called as ''super vitamin'', it makes your skin healthy and radiant"

Okay it does not make the skin look moisturized. I think it should look really glowy if it does that but the finishing look is kinda matte. However it's not that matte that the skin would look caky or dry. It claims to give flawless and covering finish and oh my gosh hands down it does! Make sure to use this with bb/cc/foundation for the best coverage. I was also surprised how smooth my skin felt after this!

My skin tone before was uneven, red and slightly cold looking you know? After it covered the redness and made my skin look warm and flawless! It feels so so so smooth and soft that I can't stop touching my face. I have a dry skin and it's still not caky. I putted more closeup picture down below where you can see how it looks like. Imagine how amazing this would look with highlighter O_O like perfection? I think this is my new holy grail product since it's also super affordable.


+ flawless finish
+ covering the redness
+ warm tone
+ not caky (even on dry skin)
+ smooth and soft skin
+ long lasting
+ affordable price
+ not too matte
+ light texture
+ covers the pores (^without blocking them)
+ comes with a sponge


- no moisturized finish (as it claims)
- just two different shades (at stylekorean.com)
- not that radiant neither


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  1. Mun holy grail on Innisfreen No Sebum Mineral Powder, mutta tämä vaikuttaa kanssa kivalta :D

    1. Mulla on yleensä tosi huonoi kokemuksii mineraalipuutereista tällaiselle kuivalle iholle. Ostin tosin sellaisen Kiinassa ollessani mutta se unohtui johonkin hotelliin :(

  2. WoW! The full coverage is amazing! +Bonus points: the absolutely adorable GOLD packaging!


    1. I knooow!! Imagine if they would also have a silver or rose gold packaging with refill! :)

  3. Ilman puuteria -kuvassa on siis jo jotain meikkipohjaa? Olisi ollut kiva nähdä peittävyys puhtaalta kanvaasilta. :) Blogia olisi hyvä voida jotenkin navigoida aiheiden mukaan - tänne tuota puuteria hakemalla kun päädyin niin olisin katsonut, mitä sävyjä käytät muissa meikkipohjissa ja muutenkin vähän lueskellut.

    1. Moikka! Itseasiassa ilman puuteria -kuvassa on täysin meikitön pohja. Sattui tuohon aikaan vaan olemaan tasaisen sävyinen iho, joten vertailu kuva on varmasti samanlainen :D tuo navigointi idea on hyvä ja ollut tarkoituksena tag -pilvi laittaakkin, jonka myötä tuotteiden löytäminen olisi helpompaa. Tämä puuteri on kuitenkin edelleen käytössä varsinki helteinä kun haluaa meikkivoiteen pysyvän kauemmin paikoillaan + peittää punoituksen todella hyvin!

    2. jos kuvaa katsoo isona niin voi huomata että on punoittavampi kuin toinen puoli kasvoista :) (toisella puolen siis on jo puuteri).


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