I have never had a watch before. I'm a 20 year old woman already hahaha! Okay when I was like 8 I had this Cinderella watch but I don't really count it as a real watch. I've always been that girl that haven't had those expensive and nice trendy things. All my friends had a smartphones with own wifi when they were 7 graders and I got my proper phone when I was in second year of high school. I never had trendy shoes, coats, bags and makeups. I always tried to get faux ones and I have never spent more than 25$ to shoes or a bag in my life. Now it seems like everyone has these 200$ Michael Kors bags, MAC lipsticks, 60$ makeup palettes and other ridiculously expensive things. Yes I did compare myself a lot to other people on social media when they had something I felt I also had to have it to feel myself acceptable. However it's not like that and I'm sure many other bloggers have felt this same pressure and that's why so many eventually happened to purchase all those expensive things because other people have those.

I got my first watch this Christmas which my mom kindly purchased. She told me this is rose gold but ahem if you really look at it, it seems gold color to me hahah~ I don't mind to be the last one that gets the trendy things. I don't even mind when I don't get those at all I mean who really cares? It's all in your own mind! I want to create my own style and discover budget friendly holy grail products.

If you haven't done a New Year's resolution yet then do it now: stop comparing. Do not compare yourself to people in social media like instagram, blogger and youtube. That's not how their life is all the time. High quality cameras and many hours of editing creates this ideal kind of life that you tubers and bloggers would like to have. They choose the best looking pictures and highlights of their videos to make everything look so perfect. Do not get scammed by this. Everyone has to open their eyes and man up! Do what you want and show what you have with confidence ^_^


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