I felt a bit sad saying goodbye to 2015 since it became to be my best year ever. I don't usually make any New Year's resolutions but last year I did: small chances. Those small chance had a huge impact during my year but it also had an impact on me personally. I mean how I am as a person in these days. Mostly in a good way thank goodness!

For 2016 I want to make one new resolution: try something new. And I mean more than just once. Being brave enough to try a new style, new products, new activities etc. This year should be awesome if I keep this promise!


I studied 4 years triple degree at this cool ''Media high school''. Basically I was in two school: vocational studying media and high school. I also have a company with my friends which we ran at the same time so those years has been busy and on spring 2015 we all graduated. I was afraid I'm going to fail Swedish in finals but I did pass it and I was so so so happy! After that I tried to attend into new school.


I will write a blogpost later about how I lost -15kg in two months only. It was so frigging simple.. I didn't go gym at all. So the pictures are me before and after two months. Yes the room has stayed pretty messy hahahah~ One of my goals was to lose weight and I was surprised that I all suddenly after hundreds of attempts got the motivation to do it. I think the difference is huge. I simply started jogging 4 times a week and left eating cheese.


Two things happened too. I attended into just one school where it was hard to get in. I did!!!! I had just one month time to search a place to live. Now I study Media & Arts (movies and tv) in a really appreciated school in Finland. The thing is that it was in another city. 5-6 hours away from my hometown so it was such a mess trying to find an apartment for two person.
Okay one really lovely lady called me and told that she has an apartment for me and my boyfriend. It's 46m2 and almost in city center and the rent was perfect to our budget. Now I live here.. moved out for the first time into a lot bigger city!


A new city and a new school was a fresh start for me. No one knew me here and no one knew who I was before. I decided not to be afraid (I was terrified) going to school and just be myself. I was more talkative and active so I got lots of new friends in such a short amount of time. In middle school I had seriously like five friends. Maybe three now that I think more. Then it took me two years to make new friends and now all suddenly I have a huge class of friends. I could not be more happier to finally be myself!!


My lovely mother-in-law bought me a plane ticket to China as a graduation gift. I have always been dreaming about going to China. I even wrote short stories about little Chinese girl and pandas and dragons when I was fifth grader. The trip was so perfect and I miss China like everyday! I'm so sure that at some point in my future I will live there for few years. This trip one of my goals and finally I achieved it!


I gained courage to share some of my voice acting skills/imitations to social media. One studio discovered my videos and they contacted me. I went to record to their studio so I'm now one step closer of my dream of becoming a voice-actress.


At the end of year I wanted to take a step closer and try start building a new style. Maybe that could be my 2016 resolution. Be brave enough to try something new. YES. But yeah I cut my hair short/medium length for the first time. I also colored it with different color than brunet. I asked lavender color but I got bright purple instead but hahaha it was fun to try make it look awesome!


I also stopped comparing myself so much to others. By others I mean bloggers, people in instagram, you tubers but also people I see in everyday life. Maybe this happened when I lost weight also. I'm happier how I look now but my goal is to lose another -10kg this year since it was so easy. I feel better now that I'm able not to compare myself to others so much. I want to create something new by being myself.


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  1. Beautiful post! I'm so glad you had a wonderful year <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Such an inspirational post! Glad you had a great year and hope you have another one :D Also, as a chinese girl i'm so glad you like my country!!


    1. I love your country! I feel ''homesick'' because it feels like I belong there haha~ ^_^ glad to hear your comment!


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