You know, you see, hear, feel, taste and smell the Christmas before it's even hear. You just feel the Christmas spirit coming so early. That's one reason why I love this holiday so much! I don't know any other event that makes me feel like that! These pictures are taken from my upcoming school project video.

First of all how does Christmas sound like? To my mind Christmas sounds like jingle bells, Christmas carols and my mom yelling ''I forgot the ginger breads in the oven!!''.

Christmas looks like bright and warm lights. It looks like green, red and yellow! All the pretty and bright ornaments hanging around the city and Christmas tree. It looks like candles, lots of candles everywhere!

Christmas taste like apple cinnamon, gingerbread and this Finnish drink glögi. It also tastes like chocolate... lots of chocolate and sweets! A bit like peppermint too perhaps.  That's how Christmas smells like too. It smells like Christmas food and the tree!

Christmas feels really warm. It feels like pure joy and happiness. It feels like you have everything you need right here and right now when you are with your whole family gathered around waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.


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