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This is something I came across while waiting for the bus at cosmetic section. There was a eyeshadow palette that was 10$ and I was like WOAH really? I thought it's not much to spend for a new palette. This palette has ''must-have shades'' which are actually all shimmery. I prefer matte eyeshadow than shimmery. I don't have any shimmery palette yet so why not? For Finnish people I found this from Sokos shop. Suomalaisille tiedoksi: kyseinen luomiväri paletti on Sokos myymälästä!

The packaging where this came with was so huge that I didn't want to save it. I bought this palette like three weeks ago and now took some pictures. If you follow me on Snapchat (yejennyblog) you see that I use this palette pretty often. 
I don't like those first four shades. Maybe the light pink is okay though and the white one is too shimmery even for highlighting. Rest of the colors are okay to my mind. I actually love mixing these and creating weird smoky eyes. 

 These are pretty pigmented BUT actually really chalky/powder kind of texture. You have to tap all the excess product from the brush before applying otherwise it will be a mess. I love the brown shades especially this time of the year. Also when I visited a lady tried to sell me a Naked 1 palette (which I could not afford haha~) because of brown shades. If you have green eyes like I do then best colors for you are all the brown eyeshadow shades :) she said that golden colors looks amazing too! And I think she was absolutely right about that. The brown shades are the best for my eye color. However I loved that pink color and that's maybe the reason I pucrhased this palette hahaha~

So 10 dollars about eyeshadow palette is not bad at all. Another thing is that whether or not it's good? When it comes to this particular palette I would say that this was a good purchase ^_^


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  1. Nice review! I found this at Walmart for $4.88😁


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