I was thinking about starting a new theme called ''Tell Me'' when I share something about myself and if I have something I'm wondering and I want to discuss about. Maybe I should pick a day from this theme like Tell Me Thursdays hahah~~ no? okay lol

I decided to start with subject called: weird habits. Do you have any because I know I do. All of these might not be like actual ''habits'' just things I do and those are weird at some level. I would love to know your weird habits and things you do so go ahead and comment down below ^_^

1. Preparing for Zombie Apocalypsia

Yes. This is something what I have been doing. Not too seriously yet like I'm not hoarding canned food and build an underground shelter or anything. I got this book ''Zombie apocalypse survival guide'' and I started to study it. I have been writing things down and list all the things I would need when zombies are taking over the world. There are also 3 different levels of apocalypse so it's important to see the first signs!
I have a list of weapons that are good and that aren't. All weapons has pros and cons that I have written down. I should also cut a short hair so zombies can't rip me closer and bite RAWWR!

2. Mandarin with seed inside = not edible

Yyyeah. I don't really know why but mandarin that has a seed inside is gross. I just won't eat it even if I would take the seed out. That's actually the gross thing to pick it from inside the mandarin and it's even worse if it gets into your mouth. I always lift piece of mandarin against light to see if there is anything inside it.

3. Childish evening tantrum

I get this tantrum moment suddenly when I'm about to go to sleep. I start whining like a little child ''I won't brush my teeth! You have to pet me before I sleep! I'm not tired yet!'' and I start kicking bed sheets and throw my boyfriend's pillow onto floor. He has a lot to handle, poor thing hahaha~

4. Pretending to write a message

If I'm walking too close to a person front of me and I feel like I'm walking fast enough so it would look stupid if I would try to walk front of him/her. So I pretend to write a message or scroll pictures so I walk more slowly.

5. Pyjama pants while cleaning

I usually do the whole apartment cleaning every Saturday but I won't do it without my pajama pants. If I'm wearing anything else I start procrastinating more easily because nothing else feel more comfy than pajama pants.

6. Smelling clothes in shop

When I go to fit clothes on while shopping I have this thing that I need to smell the shirt what I'm trying on. If it smells different than other shirts it means someone has already returned or tried it on. It doesn't always bother me but it actually helps me to check if there is makeup stains in shirts too.

7. Pinching my nose

I have been doing this for many many many years. It started when I took the first picture about myself and posted it online. I noticed I had a huge wide nose which started to bother me. I started pinching my nose to make it look smaller. It became a habit and my nose has become longer and more narrow.

8. Packaging hoarder

I think many beauty bloggers can relate to this one. I have started to hard all the cosmetic packagings.   I take the pictures about the products, test them out couple weeks and write a review. I still somehow can't throw the packagings away because I feel like I might need those later on. Same with Ikea cart boxes. I feel like I can make something out of those later and I actually have done some DIY stuff.

9. Forgetting coffee/tea

This has become a habit. Something that I do every single day. I make coffee/tea and take the cup to the living room and start watching tv or be on computer. I forgot to drink coffee/tea!! How? Why? I don't know. I always leave it to sit on table and then it's cold.

10. Imitating everything

I have always done this and it has brought me into many awkward situations. When I hear a funny voice I want to imitate it and I start to imitate it without noticing. It's horrible if there is a person who can't pronounce some letter correctly I might imitate the word. They might think I'm insulting them but I'm really not! It just comes naturally haha~

Do you have same weird habits as I do? nope, just me, okay then. Share us your weird habit ^_^


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