ETUDE HOUSE - Petite Beauty Blackhead 3- Step Kit


I purchased this Blackhead kit while I was in China and today I found it again haha~ Etude House Blackhead 3-step kit is just 2,60$ and it's actually currently sold out at Etude House's website. I guess it's pretty popular then!! My nose has some really stubborn blackhead that just wont come out no matter how hard I try to squeeze and scrub and so on. So I don't have high expectations about this pack. I tried Holika Holika's 3-step kit and it didn't work at all for me. So here is three different steps that you are suppose to follow. First step is the pore opening and step 2 is the one that takes off all the dirt. Final step is for closing the pores.


After cleansing your face and especially nose area place the first pack on your nose and leave it for 15-20min. This one is suppose to open the pores so all the dirt comes off more easily. Then it sais ''..Wiping blackheads appear on surface of skin with a cotton swap''. mmm I did not see or feel any difference after this step but anyway let's move on!


So now you are suppose to add a bit water on your nose and nose area and place the step 2. The reason why your nose area has to be damp is that this will stick better. Again let it sit for 15-20min. Then remove it starting from the edges. NEXT PICTURE MIGHT BE DISGUSTING SO THIS IS WARNING.

Okay the patch is black itself so it was kinda hard to tell if it took anything. But it took some whiteheads at least but actually it took off some skin! After this my nose looked really dry and chapped :( but okay I got rid of decent amount of whiteheads at least but let's compare before & after pictures later!


And the final patch is this gel kind go texture. It's suppose to close the pores and let it sit around 10 minutes. This one moisturized a bit my nose after the last step ripped off some of my ''dead'' skin off. Now my nose was less red and dry looking.

So the sun started already go down and that's why there is some color difference haha~ Okay when I look at these pictures I see slight difference. On the right side pictures the blackheads are really stubborn ad I mentioned before so no wonder they didn't come off. However of the left side I see that the blackheads are less visible now which is great. While I was editing I did see more difference on bigger pictures than in these ones. But I noticed that the pores around my nose did shrink a lot! The skin looks a lot more smoother ^_^ thumbs up!!


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  1. Nää liuskat ei ikinä toimi mulla XD Paras keino mustapäiden torjumiseen ja putsaamiseen mulla on toi ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser ! Kannatti investoida siihen tammikuussa XD

    1. Mulla on tosta se ''edistyksellisempi'' versio Spin for perfect skin johon investoin sen about 60€ eikä mustapäät lähde mihinkään. Kuolleen ihon ja valkopäät kyllä poistaa, mutta ei pärjää mun nenälle :DD

    2. Siinä mun jutussa tuli myös erikseen sellane pikkupikkuruinen harjaosa mustapäille ;W;


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