Etude House - Bling Bling Eye Stick #08 Ivory Babystar


Are you thinking about a makeup for Christmas? Well here is one product that I would recommend for you. I'm going to make a Christmas makeup look which will include this Bling Bling Eye Stick in color GOLD.  Okay the actual color in Etude House website is #08 Ivory Babystar but I'll call it gold color on this post. This is 5,20$ which is really affordable and there is some other color options on this product too.  Its smooth and creamy eye stick which allows you to create different makeup looks.

I love the color of this one! It's also really sparkly and metallic color so it's not maybe everyday look. You can put this on your inner corners of your eyes, bottom waterline, top lid or cover the whole eyelid like I did! This is so easy to apply on because it's so smooth and creamy. It spreads well if you want to blend it with your other eye makeup. In real life this is actually more pigmented than it looks on the picture on my eyelid.


+ easy to apply
+ smooth and creamy
+ pigmented
+ really pretty shade
+ different eye makeup looks
+ affordable


- it takes a while to remove all the sparkle


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