[Dr.jart] V7 Relief Vita Drop 100ml // Moisture, Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle


Perfect!! I feel more motivation to take pictures about the products I've wanted to review for so long because I purchased a new camera. Black Friday got me real good and made me spend 600$ but hey I don't regret this AT ALL. Now that I have a new camera and it's December I promise to blog more. Maybe 5 times a week because I just can't write a blog post every single day and it feels a bit like cheating if you write the posts before hand hahah~

ANYWAY today I'm going to review this Dr.Jart+ V7 Relief Vita Drop from www.stylekorean.com now this brand does not ring bells for many people I think but trust me this brand is good. I tried cleansing foam earlier and I liked it. Now I got to try this interesting Vita Drop!! It's 22$ atm.

So basically what this product is supposed to do is to moisturize your skin and make ti feel silky smooth. It contains 7 vitamins and the emulsion transforms into water drops brightening the skin. First I was like ''how this gel/emulsion could possibly turn into water drops??'' and when I tried it onto my hand it actually left some water drops on it. How cools is that hahahah~

What I like to do is to wash my face, add the toner and then add proper amount of this product onto my face. When the gel turns into water drops I gently pat it and wait it to absorb. When the product has completely absorbed the skin feel super smooth and silky!! However there is one thing I want you to know.
If you have a sensitive skin like mine then don't use this everyday. I noticed that it started to make my face slightly more red than normally but it didn't feel irritated or anything. I probably recommend you to use this whenever you feel like your skin needs a bit more moisture or something like three times a week. Let your skin rest, okay? ^_^


+ Smooth & Silky skin
+ Fast absorbing
+ Brightening
+ Healthy looking glow
+ Lots of good vitamins


- not for my budget (over 20$ about moisturizer)
- whitening (as an European I don't prefer it haha~)
- everyday use = redness


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  1. Hi Jenny, thank you sooooo much for the review about V7 Relief Vita Drop. It helps me a lot. xx


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