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Here is a quick review about this Skinfood - Salmon eye brightening serum which I got from www.stylekorean.com website. I'm one of those who might purchase the product because of the packaging and this one is one of those products. I love this packaging somehow and I of course noticed that it's a serum so why not to try?

Scroll down/click read more to see the winners of my giveaway ^_^ thank you all for joining and stay tuned because I'm planning to have a xmas giveaway too!

So what this is suppose to do is to brighten up your around eye area. I wasn't sure what this mean but okay I think it's suppose to moisturize the skin around the eyes, reduce dark circles and redness. You are supposed to use the cream also for the best results of course but I didn't bother really.
What I really like about this product is that I think this is going to last for my lifetime because you don't need even a big drop because you only apply it around your eyes. The texture is really light so it's spreads all over! Even the amount on the second picture is too much!!
After washing face, apply the face mist and they recommend you to apply the Salmon cream first but since I don't have that one I skip that step and begin to apply this serum. So I gently tap pat tap pat it around my eyes and it will absorb quickly. I do this every morning before makeup and every evening before sleeping.
I guess the salmon in this products is suppose to brighten up the eye area because you know.. fish are shiny right hahaha~ no they actually said that the salmon ingredient brightens the skin :)


+ pretty packaging
+ no strong scent
+ light texture
+ fast absorbing
+ affordable
+ you need to purchase this just once hahah
+ eye makeup stays longer?


- not really reducing dark circles
- no less redness
- not reducing swollen eyebags

Soooo.... my final thoughts about this product:
I noticed that my eye makeup stays on longer during the day. Maybe this is a great base for your makeup then! But I probably would not re-purchase this just because it's not reducing the dark circles what so ever. It does brighten the skin around the eyes a bit but I still cover my eyes with makeup so it doesn't really matter. I also think my eyelids got slightly swollen in first week when I used this product. I got triple eyelids all suddenly but it might be because of stressful week so I'm not totally blaming this product haha~ so you can check this product from www.stylekorean.com and decide to try this serum or the cream one ^_^


And now to the giveaway!!
Thank you all for joining this giveaway and thank you if you decided to stay as my followers after this. I'm also planning to host a Christmas giveaway in couple weeks but this is not 100% sure yet. I need to do some discussion first haha~
I have contacted all the three winners by email so if you think your name is the one on the list go and check your email! Because of privacy reasons I won't publish the Surnames or Email address here but I hope that the first name and the country helps you to recognize ^_^

If the winners haven't answered to the email is 42 hours they are not allowed the claim the prize anymore and I have to pick a new winner. I will definitely let everyone know if some of the winners has not claimed the price.

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Eliza B. - Portugal
Paris R. - German
Rebecca B. - Canada


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  1. *O* I love how this product subtly brightens your face and it can act as a primer! I use the etude house proof 10 for my eyes but I might switch to this!
    Jessie @ bijou-heart


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