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Here is a mini review for you. I purchased this few months ago in China. Actually I got punch of these because these were so affordable. Also the sun started to burn my lips slightly so I needed something that would care my lips. My lips are dry and chapped pretty much all the time no matter how often I scrub them. It's just one day of joy after lip scrub and next day my lips are chapped again. I try to drink as much water as possible but it's not helping me at all. I have tiny lips so I would love to wear lipstick to make them look a bit bigger but this is a no no for me thanks to dry lips.

So is this lip mask worth of purchasing and does it even work?

Okay this lip patch is huge but I like it since it covers the skin around the mouth too providing moisture on larger area. The mask is really jelly like but not soaking wet. This was actually negative thing for me because you are supposed to keep this on your mouth for 5~15 minutes until it's dry. It felt like it was dry under 5 minutes. Is my skin just sucking all the moisture like sponge?? I don't think so hahah~
After I took the mask off I patted my lips and skin dry. My lips did feel moisturized and I waited for couple hours if I would start noticing any redness or irritation around my mouth since I have extremely sensitive skin. Nope. So this is great for sensitive skin like mine! Also if you have chapped lips and a cut or something it won't sting or irritate lips which is great.
I didn't feel like my lips would be super moisturized though so I think this is just good if you scrub your lips first, apply the mask on and add the lip balm. I believe the results would be great by these steps! I still have like five of these and I am going to use them all but not sure yet would I purchase this again. Maybe I need to do a comparison to other lip patches :)


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  1. I think I saw a mask like this form etude house :)

    1. Yes they actually do have but I think it's a lot more expensive than this one :)


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