Here is a quick tip to get rid of chapped and dry lips instantly! I have done this honey and sugar treatment for many years and it always works like a charm. It's a quick way to get rid of the dead skin on your lips and makes them look fuller, healthy pink and smooth. Innisfree Honey Lip Balm goes with this theme so well but is is moisturizing enough and worth of purchasing?

This lip balm is just 2$ at www.stylekorean.com which is average price about lip balm. It's a balm and lip gloss at the same one at it's suppose to make your lips moisturized and smooth when you apply it frequently. It contains juju canola honey extract and canola seed oil. Also mango seed butter that moisturize the lips. It also has this addictive honey fragrance. I mean it smells strongly like honey and I can't stop applying it hahah~

So here we go! Mix the honey and sugar together and start applying onto your lips. You can also put it to toothbrush and brush your lips with circular motion but I prefer using my finger (after washing hands of course). The sugar removes the dead skin and honey is moisturizing but also keeping the sugar on the lips making it easier to scrub. Do not rub too hard to avoid irritation especially if you decide to do this on your skin.

My last thoughts about this lip balm.
I love the fragrance and yes it is super addictive. If something smells good I will definitely use it even though I would not need it. I get addicted to good smelling cosmetics. But most importantly does this actually moisturize your lips? YES. The oil and mango seed butter definitely makes the lips feel moist and smooth for a long time. It's also a great for creating the glossy look which makes your lips look so juicy hahah~ Some lip balms actually makes the lips even more dry (for example baby lips balms) but also may color your lips making it look like you have some kid's lipgloss on. This one does not color your lips, just makes them look glossy.


+ addictive fragrance
+ glossy and fuller lips
+ really affordable price
+ really moisturizing
+ not coloring your lips
+ makes the skin around the mouth smooth also


- none.


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  1. wah i will definitely try this too... thanks for sharing... :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips! I don't use any sugar to scrub my lips to be honest, I was just telling my friend how I exfoliate without doing that (lol) I might share it on my blog haha ><

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  3. you bare lips is so pinky and i admire it since i am too lazy to di exfoliate, haha~~~
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