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This app is one of my current favorite apps so far that I have been using pretty much daily for one year. It's not about just food and exercise - it's much more than that and that's why I want to - no - I need to share it with you all!
This app helped me to lose -10kg in one month, love cooking, stress less and appreciate small things on my life. I think it's amazing what one phone app can do to you in such a short amount of time. I think every blogger especially focused on fitness, food, mind and lifestyle should download this right away. Also EVERYONE who need some motivation to start a better lifestyle, try this one today. It won't cost you anything :) and I wasn't paid to advertise this app, okay!

So here is the question: What is YOU app?

What is YOU app?

YOU app is all about you and your everyday life. It gives you different daily/weekly micro-actions that are categorized as: Food, Mind, Move and Love. This app is also perfect for those who loves taking pictures since you fill the action by taking a picture about it. This is basically like Instagram but with actions which I think is brilliant. No more shame about posting a food pictures!! Check more about the app's website:

How to use it?

If you know how to use Instagram then you know how to use this one too. For those who haven't use Instagram I want to say that this is really simple app. First thing you are going to see is this. There are all your actions you can choose to do and ''Action of the day'' chnages every day so there is always a new action waiting for you. Forgot to post a picture about the action? Don't worry you can still do it next day!
Week action is on for a whole week. Sometimes YOU app gives you the opportunity to choose your week action. It can be for example ''FOOD: Eat fish!'' ''MIND: Listen some music'' ''MOVE: Walk and extra mile'' ''LOVE: Spend some time with family'' and you have a whole week to plan the action and actually arrange time to do it!
If you really like some action you can choose it to be your keep-it-up action and post a picture about it everyday. You can always change your keep-it-up action! How I lost -10kg in one month was that I choose ''Take a walk'' as my everyday action I always went outside wanting to take a picture about the places I was walking. I was thinking ''ohh there must be a pretty sunset today at beach.. I'll walk there!'' and it was so so so motivating and simple!!! Now my keep-it-up action is ''the best part of your day'' which keeps me happy everyday thinking about the best part of my day.

So what you want to do is to click the picture of the action you've done. I chose the Action of the day so I clicked the picture and this is what opens up:

It tells you more about the action and examples because you might not always understand the action just by the text ''Look Up''. If you scroll even more down you can see other people pictures about this action which might inspire you. You don't even have to use hashtags in this app in order to find other's pictures since it's so simple when it's already categorized. But you have the option to use hashtags of course!
So then this opens up:

 There are small amount of filters but it's not the most important thing when you are posting a picture. Unless it's a selfie hahaha~jk. so I just scroll the phone gallery or take a picture right away, choose ''use photo'' and it gives you the motivating phrase such as ''nice work, perfect, incredible'' etc . and you can write your own caption and publish it to everyone! SIMPLE HUH?

Up there is the ''community'' button where you can see other's pictures without using the hashtag. YOU community is amazing since all your followers really like to talk to each others by commenting the pictures. It's nothing like in Instagram or Twitter. You feel like you belong to some kind of community/family while using this app.
I highly recommend you to download this free app to your phone (also for Android now) and try it at least for a week. It took me some time to start loving this app but now I feel like this is way better than Instagram or some apps about healthy eating and living.

Is there anything I would change about this app? The only thing I wish would improve is the layout of this app. I liked it before when icons and everything was more simple! It would also be cool if you could just choose the color of this layout by yourself hahaha like giving options: mint, blue, red, pink and so on ^_^ ADD ME: jjennycristina


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