Why bloggers should use Snapchat


All bloggers should use the Snapchat since it's a great way to promote your blog and most importantly it gives your blog a face. Your face. Every blogger should use as many social media apps as possible since it's mostly free marketing! Smartphones are this day and future so learn to use it. Don't think that Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. are just for people who wants to get attention by posting millions of pictures about their faces from different angle. It's a lot more than that when you know how to use it right.

What is Snapchat?

It's a mobile application that you simply download to your phone for free. It's a way to capture max. 10 second videos or show pictures max. 10 seconds to all your friends/followers or just for those who you want to. It won't save into your photo gallery like WhatsApp pictures so it won't fill your phone's memory.

How to use it?

So there is the starting screen and what you have to do is to press the button to take a picture or hold it down to take a video. You can choose three different filters, temperature, time, write text and draw. Choose how long you want the picture to show for other and decide if you want to share it to everyone to your ''My Story'' or just for couple your friends.

When you receive a picture snap the red square will appear. When there is purple square then it's a video. Simply slide or click the name or color to see snap you got. If you want to capture a picture, you can take a screencapture BUT the person who sent it to you will get a notification about that ''Jenny took a screenshot''. So don't try to be sneaky hahah~
There is also a new way feature which is some awesome effects such as puking rainbow, turning to 80yo or an angel simply when you press the screen (front-camera on).
You can't upload pictures from your gallery to snapchat without another app but you can save your
snap to your own gallery.

Why to use it?

I don't personally spam my followers by private snaps. I always add the snaps into ''My Story'' where everyone can watch those. I use it simply to share my followers more about my everyday life so my followers get to know me better and see who actually is behind the blog! Snapchat brings out more about people who are willing to share their stories outside the blog. You get more close with your followers :)

It's also a great way to let everyone know if you have published a new blogpost, you can easily ask follower's opinions where they can answer by private snaps. It's a great way to tell about upcoming posts and giveaways.

It's fun and it's totally free way to advertise yourself.

You can follow celebrities and other bloggers and if you are lucky they might even open your private snaps!

If you don't have time to blog someday you can just take short video clips and share pictures in Snapchat so it seems like you are more active.

So let's add each others to Snapchat. Comment and leave me your Snapchat name if you want me to follow Your Story ^_^ add me @yejennyblog to keep in touch with me every single day.


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  1. wow, i think i need to download right now, thanks for the explanation, such as usefull application
    Go Check ma blog :D at My Dellilah

    1. I give you a thumbs up! It's seriously a lot more than sending stupid 2 second selfie to friend haha~^_^


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