Do you need something fun to do with your friends? I challenge YOU ALL to do Jelly Bean BEAN BOOZLED challenge bwahahah~ if you don't know what that means then let me explain it shortly:

So the idea is to play this with someone else. There can be two or even more suffering with you. The idea is that the beans can look the same but there are two different flavors. For example: Peach & Vomit so you can't tell which one is which by just looking, You will definitely smell and taste the difference after biting it! You can count points if you want to so the one whose got less bad beans would be a winner.
I'm not gonna lie. These were not so bad like many people react in videos like they are gagging and everything. Yes there was just two Jelly Beans that made me slightly gag but not all haha~ so I made the Jelly Bean challenge with my new blog assistant, model and friend of mine: Yuko *applause*



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