Victoria's Secret - Sheer Perfection Body Mist 60ml


Quickly showing you something I instantly fell in love with. Victoria's Secret Sheer Perfection
Body Mist 60ml which is perfect size to my mind. I already have the full size body mist and I think it's way too big since I want to keep perfume with me when I go somewhere. This whole gift set is around 20-30€/$ so it makes it like 4-6$ each bottle which is not bad! One full sized bottle is around 15$ so this set is affordable AND handy.

 I actually won this from Instagram competition which was hosted by Finnish company so if you follow me on Instagram then you might realize that my Halloween random scarecrow makeup was actually for this competition which I won. Today I got this prize and I was super happy! I seriously thought that this set would be one of those boring small travel size kits but this is like perfection. The size, scent, quality and prize is insane hahah~
           Victoria's Secret body sprays have really sweet and kinda strong scent to my mind so you need one spray and walk through the mist and you will smell great. Not too much but that's definitely enough! Just add one more spray for example after school and work so it will last a whole day.

Love Spell - peach, cherry blossom
Pure Seduction - Red plum, freesia
Amber Romance - Mineral amber and vanilla creme anglaise
Love Addict - Wild orchid, blood orange
Passion Struck - Fuji apple, vanilla orchid


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