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I just found out that the website www.stylekorean.com has this category ''cushions'' and I think all these are actually Korean Cosmetics. They have 97 different cushions and most of them are really affordable!! I was just thinking to share this for you ^_^ like I always want to do is to share something I have discovered and not keeping the informations just by myself hahaha~

So what I see there is also cushion blushes which are under 4$ at the moment. I also noticed some Laneige, Tony Moly and Etude House cushion on sale and really affordable price! How many should I order.. like 100 hahah~ I love cushion because those gives your face light but good coverage and that healthy looking glow. Go to check all these cushion >>here<<


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  1. Great post!

    Followed you via GFC hope you'll do the same.
    Lou of, Steal the Style

  2. you know Im waiting my package from stylekorean too... i ordered some premium skincare brand and they sell it with much cheaper than other korean website... i'll blog about tht as soon as my package arrive...

    1. I'm also blogging about my stylekorean haul next week :) it took me if I remember correctly two weeks (around 16 day) package to arrive in Finland. I have already tested some of the products because I was wondering how some products can be so cheap but yeah the quality was really good!


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