[Review] Lash Sensational Mascara - THE BEST


I found new favorite mascara! It's just perfect for my lashes and it makes them look long and clean. Not like spider legs that everyone are afraid of haha~ Always remember that the most important thing about the mascara is its brush!! Also if you have like three lashes don't imagine that any mascara could make those look thick like you had 100 lashes... I'm just saying this because all mascara commercials are saying that their mascara gives fuller lashes.

I usually brush the lashes zig zag on bottom and then straight up. It brings thickness to the roots of your lashes but also gives more length. This brush is really good for bottom lashes too and it brushes lashes like one by one so they won't stick together. Brush also curls the lashes and holds pretty much a whole day. This is available on waterproof too but I prefer this basic one since it actually does not smudge during the day but it's still easy to wash off without ripping your own lashes off.
The shape of this brush makes it easy to apply. It's curvy like your eye so it's faster to apply and it's focusing to outer corners of your eyes making them look like wings!


+longer and fuller lashes
+no smudging
+spreads the lashes
+not glumpy
+perfect brush shape


-first there comes too much of the product on brush but simply wipe all the extra off


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