[Review] Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara - Etude House // LOVE-HATE PRODUCT


This product is giving me mix-feelings! First day I hated it so much but today when I did this review I started to like it all suddenly. This is Love/Hate product and I can't decide do I recommend this or not but one thing I know for sure is that it is not worth off all the hype that Etude House creating. Like you get the same mascara in four different boxing colors?? why?? Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara is only 14,50$ which is basic price for mascara.
      So this mascara is suppose to powerfully curl up the lashes for 24 hours with its strongly adhering 24HR Technology on drooped lashes.

What it is
Curl every single lash, fix all day long: The "Curl 24HR Technology" delivers powerful performance to lift, define, and curl even tiny lashes for 24 hours.
- Curl-fixed lashes for 24 hours: The "Curl 24HR Tech" lifts lashes up poerfully and fix the curl (Black only).
- Dual jelly brush: Delicate and soft 'Dual Jelly Brush' pull all eyelashes even the tiniest lashes to curl and fix.
- No smudge, no clump: With the powerful waterproof function to water, sweat, or sebum to keep curl for long and not to get smudged.

More to know
- Curl 24HR Technology: The new technology made of 'Perfect Lash Fixer' ingredient to make and fix lashes' curl for 24 hours (tested and certified by Elid Corp.)
- Dual Jelly Brush: Consists of Flat Jelly and Jelly Dome to curl lashes and hold curl.
 1. Flat Jelly: Combs lashes in zigzag to make lashes become easier to curl.
 2. Jelly Dome: Curls lashes upward tightly and fixs 24 hours.

How to apply
1. Organize lashes with the flat jelly part of brush starting from lash roots, brushing in a zigzag motion. 
2. Complete curled up, 360 degrees spread out fine lashes by gently brushing lash’s upper, lower, front, and back parts with the jelly dome part of brush.

This is a curl fix mascara that completes powerfully curled up fine eyelashes for 24 hours with its strongly adhering Curl 24HR Technology™ on drooped lashes.

 First time when I saw the brush I was just thinking that it will poke my eye 100% and it did it several times! My first attempt was messy and glumpy but the next day I tried this again and the result looks hell a lot better! The brush is still a problematic to my mind since the silicone brush is so long that it will poke the eyeball T^T lashes will dry really quickly so do not even think about applying another layer after ten seconds!!! The lashes will look longer and curles nicely but those will stick together and might easily look like spidr legs.

IT'S NOT EASY TO WASH OFF! this is the thing I hate most about this product. You have to know when waterproof goes too far. I had to use lots of force and rub the lashes and it still didn't come off without pulling my lashes off. I tried olive oil and really strong makeup removers etc. but it took 30 minutes to rub off and I'm not even kidding. Olive oil was the best remover for this mascara.


+super waterproof [also biggest problem]
+longer lashes
+holds the curls
+stylish packaging
+good for bottom lashes


-removing mascara damages your lashes!!
-won't come off with just water, soap, makeup remove etc.
-brush is too tiny and poking the eye easily
-dries quickly so you can't apply second layer
-spider legs


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