[Review] Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream 40ml BEIGE


I got to try this product finally! I think the packaging is super adorable and when I heard the word ''jelly'' I so wanted to try it hahah~ I'm not that big fan of BB creams because I don't feel like those covers all the blemish and dark circles etc. so well and some BB creams are just too pale (when you order from Asia) just like this one. I was reading product information from Holika Holika's website and it said: ''Contains 80% Aqua Mint Water, which made from various fruits extracts and Alaska glacial water. This is a water-based BB cream that creates light and refresh finish. The jelly texture BB cream makes skin look moist and hydrates so it's perfect to cover up facial blemish''. Okay sounds weird because is it possible that so watery and light cream could cover all the blemish? That's the time when it's my turn to figure it out. This is why I do blogging.. I want to review products for you that you won't spend your money to something that is not for you.

It looks and jiggles like jelly and you are supposed to take the product by spatula and spread on your face. I think it will be hard when the product is about to run out? So it jiggles but what happens hen you apply it to your skin? It turns into matte kind of texture but really light. It's not too matte or heavy at all and I think it spreads evenly and smoothly!! It makes great flawless finish and does cover up reeeeally good don't you think?

So it covers all blemishes and makes your skintone look even. However this one is way too pale tone for me. I decided to mix my dark foundation with this one and now it's more close to my own skin tone! The product spreads so well that you need just a tiny drop and it goes a long way. It covers everything and goes smoothly on your skin. It dries pretty quickly and becomes slightly matte. I really like this BB cream a lot and it even smells good! It stays on really long time and I think this is suitable for all skin types.. oily, dry, normal and combination. But always remember to check your skin condition before blaming the product. If your skin seems flaky with foundation/BB/CC cream then don't blame the product.. blame your skin! These foundations needs a good base so the finish will be perfect. Same with nailpolish... if you messed your nailpolish and try to cover it with a new layer it will still be wrinkly and not smooth.


+ affordable
+ cute packaging
+ great scent
+ great coverage
+ spreads evenly and easily
+ flawless finish
+ long lasting
+ for all skintypes
+ slightly matte (covers well but looks flawless)


- Too pale
- Small spatula
- Could be bigger size


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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about this bb cream! It's surprising that it's too pale for you though. o:
    Thanks for the review~

    1. It was pure white compared to my skintone but of course my hand is darker than my face. But problem was quickly solved ^_^

  2. Tämä vaikuttaakin tarpeeks vaaleelta mun kalkkinaamalle :D Pitääpä pistää ylös, jos joskus tilais tän :)

    1. Kannattaa :) se oikeesti leviää niin tasaisesti iholle ja peittää tosi hyvin. Paras on se että sulla on herneen kokoinen määrä sormella ja se riittää peittämään lähes puolet kasvoista :)

  3. I've been using this BB Cream for a while but only in the winter because like you said, it's too pale but I do love how refreshing it feels when you put it on you face and the coverage is amazing ^^


  4. I owned this BB cream for a while but never actually used it. For me, this one was perfect because it was light and it was pale enough to fit my skin tone (I am super pale) Unfortunately since I don't use face products this one went to waste :')
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

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