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I really wanted to make this blogpost for those who are planning to travel China for the first time. These tips are mostly for those who does not live in Asia obviously because many of these might be familiar in other countries than just China.  But these are things that were different for me as a Finnish and things I personally noticed. If you live in Asia and these are your daily life things then note tha none of these are not commong for me hahah~ this might be even funny for you (pictures are borrowed from google)

1. Do not swear - say ''Aiyah!'' instead

I heard people saying aiyah all the time and I actually knew this before going because Zhou is using it really often. I started to use it also without even noticing haha~ when we had a argument I used aiyah and at subway when a girl stepped to old ladies foot she yelled aiyah really loud because it did hurt. Not that important to know but just a fun fact about Chinese :) I'm still using this phrase!!

2. Chunky sandals everywhere

Everyone used these kind of chunky heel sandals but also high heels and half of them did not even know how to walk with those. I even saw a girl at The Great Wall of China with these kind of shoes and man she was struggling there. It was a fashion thing obviously but also those shoes were so cute and cheap that I almost bought one or five pair but my luggage was already full. I was just wearing my gladiators and ballerinas mehh~

3. Drinking water is hot

If you go to a restaurant they will serve a hot water. It's boiled water that you drink. When it was +40 celcius out there the last thing I really wanted was to drink a hot water =__= BUT THEY PUT ICE INTO BEER??? ice does not belong to beer lol but yes of course you can ask cold water.. no problem

4. No one actually speaks English

No one, no where talked English. Not in any store (not even the big stores such as forever21) and when I said in Chinese that I'm just looking and I don't speak Chinese they were like okay okay okay but still explained everything in Chinese to me? I was just standing there awkwardly pretending to understand. Everyone say that young people know how to speak English to just ask them help but hahah none didn't. None. We were visiting Zhou's relatives and the best one who talked in English was a 8-year-old girl. So really stick at tourist places or start studying.. otherwise you'll be in trouble

5. Foreigner always pays more

When they see that you are a foreigner and you ask how much something costs the price will actually be higher for you. They see a foreigner and always think that we have more money so we can pay more. I had 0 money with me so they are soooo wrong hahahah~ we tested this once. Ming asked a price and the lady said 50RMB and when I went to ask about the same product she said 100RMB ^^''

6. Chinese stares foreigners ... a lot

When I was walking there I felt like I was attraction or a celebrity. Seriously pretty much every single person was staring at me. I kinda understand since we were at places where are not many tourists. In every cosmetic store.. especially at Watsons the ladies came to say that I look so beautiful and Chinese sees me too attractive and that's why both men and female are staring at me. NOTE if you have kinda big tata's (you know what I mean?) prepare for men to stare you and women at stores to call you an old aunt. Also when I was sitting at taxi two drivers took a picture about me from other taxi when I was sitting at rush hour.

7. Taxi drive might take couple hours

Taxi is really really really cheap. There I paid 2€ about the trip that would cost 15€ here. BUT prepare for the rush hour!!! The traffic is really crazy there. I mean just crazy because no one cares where do you walk and how fast you drive. You just walk over the street and try to avoid other cars. Taxi drive can easily took 2 hours and 80% of it will be just sitting and waiting to move a inch forward.

8. Want to use social media?

Chinese policy has forbidden social media such as facebook but also the google is forbidden. However here is a tip for you. Download an app called Betternet VPN and do what the app says. When you will be in China and find a good wifi connection the VPN will automatically connect and you can use Instagram, Facebook, gmail and everything normally. 5/5 the best app for this trip!

9. Hotels

There are fancy hotels of course that you can make reservation before the trip. We saved lots of money but not time really. The hotels where we were staying cost something like 10€ one night and those were kinda decent hotels. But what I actually want to say if you want to get these cheap hotels... make sure that they are allowed to have foreign clients!! We had to change our hotels a lot because when we went to make reservation, they looked me and said ''sorry, we don't have permission to have foreigners here''. ++ these cheap hotels don't have elevators!

10. Everyone hear what you order

Hahaha not in every place but especially in food places when you order something, everyone around will hear it because the sellers have a huge speakers and they talk to microfone so the client can hear what they are asking. ''Five bowls of rice, frog legs, smoked rabbit, veggies and ma po tofu coming!''

11. Baby butt cheeks

I saw the most cutest babies in China. Seriously all Asian babies are adorable!! But guess what was more aodrable..... they have these pants where is a huge hole that shows their butt hahahah~ ! It was surprising but somehoew really cute X'D babies were not using diapers under

12. Smelly durians

Ugh.... some people don't smell the durian fruit, some people actually loves durian but me.... I almost puked everytime when I smelled durian near by. Some taxi drivers don't even let you into taxi if you have bought a durian because of the smell. You should absolutely taste it but the smell is just so horrible. It's hard to explain how it actually smells and why it smells so bad.


Public bathroom smells horrible and the hall ways to the bathroom in shopping malls are really long so the smell won't reach to the stores. Also if there is a huge line. Public toilets are basicly just a hole on a floor. If you want to use the normal toilet then try to find handicap toilet.
If the door's lock does not work it does not matter. They will still drop down a squat front of the line doing their business. I tried to avoid these a lot but I really had to go at shopping mall. I went there and found a door with working lock. I closed the door and hand up my purse... the floor was messy and the worst thing was that someone actually missed the hole and there was a giant pile of crap on the floor top of flusher!!!! I was like ''HELL NO'' and tried the other one next to me.

There is no toilet paper what so ever so keep some tissues with you everywhere you go. In hotel if you run out of ''toilet paper'' -which actually felt like a soft fabric- and you ask a new roll of paper.. they give you a roll where is 1/4 left. And do not put the paper into toilet unless you go for number two. The toilet will get stuck later on.


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  1. Great article, I spent a lot of time in china and hong kong ( from Canada ), one thing to note in addition to more expensive food, foo can be less then the full portion size as well.

    Do not order first without seeing the pricing. If the place you want to eat does not show the pricing to you, get up to leave, they will quickly give you a proper pricelist and charge you regular price then lose a sale.

    One more quick thing, a lot the resturant workers have this idea tourists love orange juice and coke! =)


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