I found this idea from Pinterest that you put your pictures hang on frames to the wall. I bought this picture frame set but I noticed that those were way too small for my actual pictures. I was wondering what else should I do with these small frames and I got an idea!
       Do you have these small recipes for example smoothie and pancake recipes but you hate to check it from your phone every time you are making one? I struggle about this seriously and I don't bother to buy a notebook for just few recipes I want to use.

Here is two way to use these.... you can put a magnet behind these and hang onto fridge or hang on the rope somewhere in your kitchen. Take a piece of paper and write the recipe or even a nice quote for yourself! I got this set for two dollars from eBay and I think this is an awesome idea but my actual pictures are a lot bigger than the frames they sent me but hey now I made something else with these. You can also print some tiny pictures and put inside the frames ^_^


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  1. So nice idea! :)I struggle finding recipes from my phone too so this thing could actually work! I'm just not so big of a fan of those pictures hanging on my wall but magnets sounds so cool! Why did I thought of that earlier o.o


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