[Review] Innisfree - Green Tea Mineral Mist 150ml


I found Innisfree shop while I was in China and there was a deal like ''get 2 for 1'' about these mineral mists. First I was thinking that these won't be so good or anything maybe making my face feel even more dry but that was good that I was wrong!
Enriched with Green Tea and Green complex from pure Jeju Island, Green Tea Pure revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture. Unfortunately everything behind the bottles are written in Chinese so I can't translate all the promises this product claims to do but when I saw the ''stressed skin'' part I had to try this out! Stress will be seen on your skin.. it looks dull and sometimes can even feel really dry. It looks dead.

When I opened and noticed that it looks like hairspray I was really happy!! I once wished to find a face mist that would be sprayed just like hairspray but to your face. It spreads all over the face so quickly and smoothly that it also feels like your are saving some product and it will last a lot longer. Shake it couple times and just spray onto clean and washed face. This is also possible to spray over your makeup if you feel like your face needs some extra moisture. I have been using this every morning before makeup and every evening after washing my face. My skin feels so hydrated and looks brighter! I guess this is also brightening/lightening product if you are willing to keep pale looking skin.

At first the product might spray couple foam spots but it will stop later on. Also if you shake bottle too hard the liquid might turn into a foam. It's drying quickly so you don't have to wait for long to apply makeup ;) the size of this bottle is great because it's easy to carry around with but it's not too small either.


+ hydrating
+ moisturizing
+ cooling
+ brightening
+ lightening
+ affordable
+ smells good
+ easy to spray
+ easy to carry around with


- results after one month of using


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