Let's go to last two cities I visited in China! Those are Chengdu and Chongqing.. ridiculously warm because even the windows were melting. And Finnish summer is just crazy.. its never been this cold! I mean it's middle of summer and +15 daily - I'm freeeeeezing!! So if you are going to China soon you better come and pick me up >:( I'm not a quiet person in airplane especially when I get bored, I need 70 coffee brakes but still just one bathroom brake, I will be whining about the humidity and I propably will get lost in first two minutes so I'm kinda easy to travel with, right?

Near our hotel in Chengdu there was a pretty pretty bamboo park where me and Zhou went. I really love those kind of parks and the idea that I can sit there and drink tea all day long at teahouse. It's just something I've always enjoyed (I mean thinking to enjoy) I'm sure that I was Chinese in my previous life and now I'm at Finland feeling ''homesick''. It's horrible.. depressing! Everything is just so beautiful there especially the really Chinese temple buildings. Those look so cool! it was a really warm day there like over +40 degrees but it was easy to find shadowy place however I still felt like I was melting hahaha~ I love warm.. the warmer the better I mean I could live in Sauna. 

just like ducks after food!!!

Later we walked around and this lady made some cool things about melted sugar. However I didn't like the taste hahah~ we were actually walking to see Face Changing opera! It was mmm amateur show not a huge opera hall but a small place. There were other performers too doing some comedy and even though I didn't understand what they were talking about I laughed. But the face changing was so cool! You can see the videos from my Instagram account so you know what I mean, We were also about to go to listen some real Chinese opera but somehow we lost the track of time and didn't manage to go there anymore.. oh well.. next time!!

FROGS! QING WAAAAAA tastes like chicken
Our hotel was near the clubs and the taxi driver was wondering why we wanted to go this hotel but mehh it didn't bother me when young people were partying accross the street 4am. I mean really I slept like a log hahah~ but at one evening I was awake and Zhou also something around 3am. we both could not sleep for some reason and I was thinking that why the club's light are flashing so bright to our room and why it is even open since it was raining so much that time. I opened the curtains and watched around and yes the clubs were not open so I was confused. Then all suddenly the WHOLE SKY went white and super bright I thought angels were coming to pick me to heaven. Then BWATUUUUM the thunder........... it was just a thunder. But it was crazy thunder! The lightingbolts were awesome hahah~ i'm scared of thunder

You better know that the Sichuan province is known about pandas and spiiiicy food! I was eating spicy food the whole week and I felt annoyed because everything tasted same to me. But one day Zhou's uncle came to pick us to see PANDAAAAS! But those fluffy cat-bears just eat and sleep all day long. Hey, I came from Kajaani to Helsinki 8 hours train and then 8 hours flight to Beijing and 9 hour train to Xi'an and a flight to Chengdu and one hour taxi drive to see frigging pandas and TWO was awake =__= like Jackie Chan named his pandas La & Zy for a reason. The other one was sleeping a whole day and when they released him to outside.. it was climbing the wall because it wanted to go back to sleep.. and making weird cat voices?

it was too hot day even fro red pandas
After that we went to Zhou's uncle's apartment where his granddaughter was also waiting. She was such a cutie and shy first and then she came to me and said ''I want to sit on your lap'' in Chinese and I was like aaaawwwhh come here little cutiepie! I just called her mei mei and she called me aunt ^^'' we were waiting for Ming and Mei Mei's (I don't remember the real name.. it was so difficult) mom to come and go for a dinner later. Yes I experienced the Chinese family gathering around the round table hahaha~
         I gave my phone to Mei Mei and when the uncle said ''don't use the battery'' she gave the phone back. That two year old girl took my phone full of selfies and videos about her and the uncle X'D that was so cute. When she noticed my phone in my bag she loved how it enlarged her face hahah so I decided to give it to her (okay Zhou told me to give it) and I just bought it from forever21 store but hey... she loved it. She said Xie Xie ni and bowed.


It was a shopping day! We went here actually twice and everytime I had to buy something. I just had to. But it was also sale going on there! Ming and Zhou said that I looked to tired in the taxi but when we went inside this shopping mall they could not stay after me.. they always lost me and I was happily running around the stores X'D whoops... I guess I got way too excited.
         I found the Etude House store BUT it was a lot more expensive and just few products there :( I was dissapointed. I was also surprised that if I bought something from H&M the bag might cost 149RMB so it sounds same as 14,90€ and that bag is the same price of course BUT when it is converted to EUR I actually paid almost 50RMB more than in Finland. That is the reason why I don't have a haul post coming.

On the last days we went to see Zhou's other uncle and they actually live in the mountains in a huge house. Zhou's uncle's wife is one famous soprano singers. And one Zhou's relative was one of the leading lawyer (how to spell it?) and I was surprised. Ming is an artist and writing a book also... and Zhou is ummm.... steling gold obviously and playing Hearthstone and Dota 2 24/7. Oh well...
          We also went to see the BIG BUDDHA and it was +45 that day and more climbing. I was so pissed off because I didn't know again that we had to climb to many stairs. I was sweating like a pig.. never ever felt that disgusting. It was too late to put my hair into ponytail it looked like I came from shower and my clothes were also feeling so wet. It was just ugh horrible horrible horrible! But when I saw the buddha I forgot thta for a moment but when we were leaving I prayed that my clothes and hair would dry quickly and then the sun started shining and voila I was good to go again hahaha~


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