YES I'M BACK CUPCAKES! I actually came back over a week ago but I haven't been ready to write this blogpost yet. While making this post I realized that almost all pics from the beginning of my journey are GONE!? I have almost no pics about Beijing T____T nooooooooo~
           This trip was the best trip I could ever have and I was NOT dissapointed to China. I loved it before I even visited there and now I love it even more. I'm seriously considering to move there for a while.. a year or so. I try to go there as a exchange student with my boyfriend. So much has happened lately that I feel so busy even on summer holiday!!

Sooooo I was in China for 3 weeks and 3 days and I visited four places (Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing). I must write a post about tips for those who has not travelled there before. It's a whole new world! So many interesting things I want tourists especially Europeans to know before going hahahah first thing is about the toilets m'kay hahaha~
         I seriously belong to China. I want to live there forever! We didn't have a fancy hotels in a beautiful area.... 10$ one night kinda hotels and we didn't really visit tourist places (that's why the locals where staring at me so much) but still I loved it. I loved it so much T_______T I didn't miss the ''luxury'' things at all. But hey let's start from Beijing and Xi'an even though most of my pics are gone from the first week.


So we arrived to Beijing FINALLY after 24 hours of travelling. However I was not that tired anymore. I just wanted to change my clothes and take a shower haha~ we had a small hotel room which we actually changed in next day just because it was cheaper in other place. We basically just walked around there everyday and eating a lot because the food is ridiculously cheap there. Here in Finland you have to pay pretty much 20€ about one portion of food but in China it was like 10€ and many many plates of food!
        I really enjoy evening walks because of bazars and markets. Ming and Zhou never let me walk there alone because I brought too much attention so they were afraid someone will kidnap me and sell my guts to some hospital.... and they said they are not even kidding.

On the next day we were walking around and heard drums. Ming wanted to show me where that sound came so we decided to climb 260 stairs to see the men playing huge drums hahaha~ great exercise! But 260 steps felt like nothing after over 20 000 steps at mountain!

Ahhhh The Great Wall of China. I took my first step there and it was really hot day. My face was so red already and if you have visitied the great wall you must know how frigging hard it is to climb it hahahah~ I really was not prepared but I kept going with my ballerina shoes and skirt on a windy day lol. The view there was so pretty and I didn't want to go away from there. It felt awesome to be standing on that wall. It was not crowded either.. I saw like two Asian on that part of wall where we were o_o

 It's too hot even for the poor bears hahah~ I'm actually terrified of these bears just because I've been watching too much Silverfang - Ginga nagareboshi Gin X'D I was like ''that one is Akakaboto, that one is Madara.. there is Mosa'' Later on that day we did some shopping and I found the forever21 shop and Innisfree!! I actually forgot some of my Innisfree products to another hotel T^T We were sitting in taxi for two hours and I felt like a celebrity avoiding paparazzies. I seriously mean TWO TAXI DRIVERS took a PIC about me while I was sitting in another taxi????? Do I look that silly......

Near our hotel there was a temple where many students went to pray for access to a university after tests. Me and Zhou went there too to pray hahah~ it was great and guess what.. we both got in to new schools!! *happy dance* I guess I should become buddhist.


I saw so many posters about Jackie Chan in Xi'an and everytime I stopped and started pointing the poster and fangirl hahah~ Zhou took few steps back and pretended he does not know me ^^'' Xi'an has way better food than in Beijing. People should eat more seafood there instead of meat and burgers. Do not underestimate the seafood okay?

One of the best moments of this trip was when we went to Hua mountain. Not sure if that is the name only. So we woke up like 8am and suddenly Ming came to knock our hotel door and said that let's change to a better hotel which is right next to that one. So I took all the stuff and we suddenly just left the luggages to the lobby and left to bus. I was wearing the same clothes that I was sleeping last night so I felt a bit cranky because I didn't know we would leave right away. Also it was +35 degrees that day and we were climbing down the mountain... it took a whole day! Again I had just basic tshirt, really short uncomfortable shorts and ballerina shoes... I'm always wearing right clothing hahahaha~ nope.

So many had left the lock with couple's names on it that me and Zhou decided to do it too. It was so sweet and I always wanted to do that somewhere!! We have been together 5 years and this was one way to show our never ending relationship ^_^ next year we have to go and check the lock!!


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  1. Ihana ihana ihana postaus! Lisää tätä! Tästä voi jauhaa vaikka loputtomiin haha :'D ihanaa että joku muukin jakaa samat fiilikset ja fangirl-momentit Kiinasta kuin minäkin! Mulla kans tuli aikoinaan ihan välittömästi tunne kun muutin ekan kerran Pekingiin ja astuin kadulle kiinakodistani että tänne mä kuulun. Ja se on kantanut, aina vaan palaan takaisin sinne :') ei siitä saa tarpeekseen, aina oppii jotain uutta!
    Olisi huisia tavata joskus vaikka olenkin uusi seuraaja :D


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